PR Samples

From October 2013 any post or product marked with a * will indicate that they have been free/gifted to me as a PR sample for consideration of review. I will only accept samples that I feel fit the theme of my content. Once received a review will be written promptly, depending on the product/sample. All reviews and and opinions written are 100% my own. I bitch and rant, but if I love something you will know as I'll rave non stop about it. Honesty is my no.1 goal here!

If you are a PR company and would like to work with me please email me at bigblondegirl1@gmail.com


All photos/everything on this site are copyright of myself, Cat Wilson (a.k.a BigBlondeGirl) unless otherwise stated on my post. Please don't use any photos or content without first contacting and asking permission bigblondegirl1@gmail.com

Advice Disclaimer

Occasionally I write about sex, toys, etc. All opinions as normal, are my own. I'm always happy to reply to any emails or messages I get and I love all my posts, but please take into account when reading or emailing to ask questions that I am not in any way qualified to give advice about relationships or sex. 

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