Sunday 30 December 2012

And Why Not?

Here I am, sitting at home reading amazing blogs and watching mind blowing YouTube videos. There are some very talented people in this world and glances through these social networking sites shows it. And then it hit me. I have a voice just like these people. And interests too!  Why don't I share my thoughts and passions? 

Now don't get me wrong. I am not expecting RTE to be banging on my door begging for an interview about this. I am certainly not looking for a following. But is it not a lovely idea to share things and ramble on for a bit? I'm a normal cailĂ­n. I love high heels but never wear them. I think people who spend time and effort doing their hair every day should get medals. My bargain of the week was finding Linor fabric softener for 3 euro in Tesco along with a 4 cent lemon. I like candles. Through the years I have realised nothing good comes from leaving your computer on and then drinking wine. 

So this, girls and boys, is my life typed out as best as I can do it.  An 'introduction' to a little of everything that comes into my life. With a few pictures, links and stories along the way. Pop by once in a while to say hi. Have a coffee. Have a gander. Share your blogs and posts with me. If you have a LolCat picture to show don't keep it to yourself! Its going to be good.

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