Monday 25 March 2013

Soap&Glory's Glad Hair Day

If anyone saw how many Soap and Glory products I have in my bathroom they would most certainly point and laugh. For a very long time. Really. Only in the past few months have I started to explore the S&G world in great depth, and I have to say, I'm finding new favourites and a few never agains too. I could be wrong but I think Stephen got me this shampoo and conditioner for valentines day (he listens to my beauty related rants, bless his socks) I had waited to finish off my other hair products before I treated myself to the luxury that is S&G Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner. And might I just point out that the packaging is, as always, something to drool over being so funky and retro! I'd love to look like one of the S&G pin up girls!

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These products are for all hair types and claim to have a no build up formula, so you wont have to go chopping and changing shampoos if you really like this one. First off the smell of these are not that strong in their bottles with raspberry fruit vinegar, but once in my hair I wasn't very happy. Its hard to explain right but it just didn't do much for my nose. The shampoo is meant 'to gloss, smooth repair and strengthen', while the conditioner is 'to help detangle, gloss, protect and strengthen'.

 I have what looks like loads of thick hair, but my hair is medium to fine and not that strong at all. I wash it every single day - I know, awful for it, but I try to give it some love back with intensive hair treatments and condition it lots to make up for the fact. After a week of using both of these I noticed my hair started to feel greasy when I dried it just after the shower. First I thought it was me being a dope not washing it all out but  after washing it the next day the same thing happened. So I was back straight away to a herbal essence shampoo instead, as I hate the feeling of unwashed hair. 

These products didn't suit my hair type at all and I was very unimpressed as they had been advertised for 'all hair types', back to the drawing board for your hair products Soap and Glory! However, no posh products go near the bin with me, they are now off to be used by my mother who has totally different hair to me, and there are some very good reports coming back from her! I also didn't think to take a quick picture of them before I gave them to her, hence the little help of google images in case anyone was wondering.

I wont be going near S&G's hair products again, not just because they didn't suit my hair type but also because I didn't like the smell of them and they are a bit pricey at about €6.50 each. Oh well, lots more shampoo/fish? in the sea... 

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