Monday 8 April 2013

The Way I Look

I'll have to give you all warning here, this is a ranty rant but I want to vent to the world! Recently I have been noticing more and more negative things towards big girls and women in general. Let me just say here and now that I am a self confessed 'Big Girl'  (bet the title of this blog never gave that away!) Ladies and gents I am a size 16-18 and so the media portrays, unattractive. Let me tell you all, it bothers me about as much as me not having a pet rock - which is not a lot. (Ok I lie. That was a dreadful example, of course I'd love a pet rock, who wouldn't? but you see what I'm getting at.) Basically, and I'm going to shock a few people here, I like being 'fat'.

 Now now, lets not all shriek and recline in horror from your various screens, you read that right - I like being the size I am. As I said before, the media has the world thinking size 0 is the most attractive size there is and that dieting yourself to ill health is the only life style choice worth knowing about. Magazines, tv, the internet, the sides of buses! its all over the place and its not going away. When I walk into a shop I don't see plus sized manikins gracing the walls. No heroine I know is portrayed as being of the larger variety unless its a major Bridget Jones thats-part-of-the-charm way, even then she was only a tiny size 14. God grief, where are all the big girls gone?!

Oh, let me tell you another shocking thing. 'Skinny' girls are amazing too (some of my besties are sizes 8,10 and 12) I love big and hell I love small. Some girls are born thin or with a fast metabolism. Some are born with small boobs, some wont have great eyesight, some people have different coloured skin and some will have amazing teeth. I might even be as bold as to say some might have awful acne prone skin or be really super tall. You might be one of those girls with two different coloured iris or a small bum. I have heard some people have thick hair or big thighs. I have yet to find one person on earth who will admit to being perfect.  Otherwise there would be no market for hold-it-all-in spadix, for fan diets or surgery. No one would need to wear make up or wear high heels. Never again would there be a call for a doctor or low fat milk. We are all insecure and imperfect in some shape or form. The sad thing is not everyone seems to know that and thats where people are getting hurt.

Young and old alike are trying to conform to the media's interpretation of what is 'right', 'beautiful' and  'sociably acceptable'. If were not beating ourselves up mentally or pushing ourselves physically its ok because there will always be a long line of others to help do that for us. It could be a mother comparing siblings, a school bully teasing about weight, a staff member talking about our crumpled skirt or even a friend talking behind our backs. It starts with you. One person at a time to stop and think about what they are saying, how they are making that person feel and how it would make them feel if it was the other way around. Lets stop the bitching, the back stabbing comments and the general lack of being a good person. We are not school bullies, we are better then that. Lets list our flaws and embrace them. We are not robots, we can't all be the same or look as the media wants us to (not to mention the genetic race which no one can win.). With that in mind, let me list my 'flaws' for the entire world to see .

  • I am fat.
  • My skin has dry patches.
  • My hair is thin.
  • I have bad acne.
  • I have self harm scars.
  • I have a lazy eye.
  • My thighs touch.
  • I have stretch marks.
  • I am very pale.
  • I like every single thing that I have listed above.
  • I am a normal human like the rest of the world.

I have self love and I have so many people around me who love me no matter what way I look, what clothes I wear, how I style my hair, if my make up isn't perfect or my bum doesn't fit in the seat. I am more then what people see in front of them. I have a personality, I have different tastes, I have skills and knowledge. I can be moody and sad, loud, allergic to things, daring. I have fears, hopes and dreams. I am a real person. And so are you.

Thats the end of my rant, if you stayed till the end thank you. I hope this might have touched a nerve with some people, or even just a passing thought. My next post will be a book review so don't worry I'm not going all heavy and deep on you lads much longer! As always have a fab day. And by the way? You are beautiful, I just thought you should know.


  1. Dude I love this. Personally I don't like my body but I am trying to see myself differently and to accept my flaws and this blog post is fucking awesome. Thanks.

    1. Hey Rebekah thanks so much for that, was a little nervous posting it! Glad you think its 'fucking awesome' :D x