Sunday 5 July 2015

Sexual Sunday: Why I Still Love Doxy

You know the drill by now, I'm a beauty blogger by weekdays but come Sunday I'm all about the #SexualSunday blogging. Sometimes I review sex shops around Dublin, other times I just like to waffle on about anal, safe words and what sex toys I like. Theres always something new and interesting to find on the blog, especially for those who particularly like my Sunday posts. So lets feed the need and get onto this weeks updated sex toy review. 

Last October I wrote a review about the Doxy 'sports' massager wand which you can take a glance at over here. There I talked about my new found love and why I thought it was just so freakin' great. Since then it has come up in favourites and lots of posts - not to mention recommendations to followers and friends alike.  But a few weeks ago the worst thing that could have happened indeed happened. I was happily having a private moment with my Doxy and it just stopped working. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why as I stored it in a safe place, always careful to clean it and keep it away from water - and before any smart ass starts, no it didn't break from overuse. I have a toy for every day of the week thank you very much!

In my despair I was fumbling around for the credit card to immediately buy another when I decided to have a quick look around at other reviews to see if random breaking was an issue. After only having it at the time for 7 months, I didn't want to continue recommending it if it gave up so quickly. Luckily enough there were next to no negative reviews that I could find talking about any breakage, so I decided to contact Doxy directly. Explaining what had happened and asking about expected product life and so on, I got a quick and helpful response back. As Doxy has only been on the market for about 2 years, its still in many ways on trial. Their policy is that if it breaks within 12 months then it will be replaced free of charge. 

This reply reaffirmed my love for Doxy as it was quick, helpful and they even kindly sent me another within the week. Despite it being new to the market I had no trouble finding loads of reviews and even a good few porn clips where it featured (its hard work, but someone has to watch all the porn - for science reasons.) Its clearly not just myself who has a glowing review and the fact that my first Doxy gave up the ghost, it was oh-so-well loved, used and I think I got the moneys worth even in just those 7 months.

Its not an invasive sex toy, one of my favourite things about it. If you only have a short time to spare, it can still have you on cloud nine in minutes with its wide range of speeds and being a unisex toy, that means everyone can have their orgasms and.. cake to eat after? Try it on the shaft and tip of someones penis, on the clit or even a nipple. This toy knows no bounds and it has one of the longest cords I've had the pleasure of owning to date, so your not stuck to a wall socket in an uncomfortable or awkward position. For roughly €97 I think its an investment - even if I wasn't kindly sent a replacement, I would have bought another. Its honestly one of my favourite toys in my ever growing collection. 

And just because I clearly don't put my face and name to my Sexual Sundays enough - or so I was told, heres a few questionable pictures below. But thankfully, I'm fully clothed and my Doxy was still in the box. You guys can't say I never give you anything!

What do you think of Doxy? Find it here.

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