Saturday 4 May 2013

My Tattoos

I have loved body art since I can remember and if I'm honest I think I loved it all the more because my mother hated it. But despite that little truth thats not the reason I have gotten any of my tattoos or piercings (Scouts honour!) I will am some point put up a post on my many many piercings, but for now lets talk about my tattoos.

I got my very first tattoo when I just turned 18. It was something I had thought about for well over a year and knew what sort of style I wanted and why it meant so much to me. However I must admit it wasn't the best first experience I have ever had. I wanted 'rams horns', a four spiral West African symbol meaning strength and humility that would be placed near my wrist so I could always see it and be reminded that I was a strong person - Of course there is more of a meaning to it then that but all my tattoos are gotten for very personal reasons so I'm not going to go too much into them. 

But because this was my first tattoo and I wasn't very preped on the how to know if the artist/shop is up to the standards, I went to the one in Dublin that was getting the most hype and that everyone else was going to. I had previously gone into them to book the piece and show the design I wanted. I now know I was quoted a mad price but sure lets take that as a lesson for future reference  Other then that, when the day came I went in and waited.. And waited.. And well you get the point. I was told they were running overtime and would I come back tomorrow instead. After all that, I was so drained from being nervous! But I came back again only to be told they hadn't preped my design and didn't even know what I wanted. Luckily I had the symbol handy in my bag and after showing them they said they couldn't do it because it was too complicated. In the end I did something silly. I was so upset and stressed out from all the crap that I took their advice, went online right then and there and picked a more simple design. And here it is, my wonky but much loved Irish triple spirals. The symbol is found on the walls in Newgrange and I take my own meaning from it. Also its nice to have something on me that represents where I have come from. All in all a 50/50 good bad experience. Oh and despite me thinking that my arm would fall off from the pain, it wasn't as bad as I expected. Like a 3 out of 10.

Next came my little lower back piece. I was very close to my granddad and when he passed away I knew I wanted to get something to keep him near me always, so I got a quote of something he always said at the end of the day when we drove home and got out of the car. It was a running joke with my family to say it and tease him. ''Home again, safe and sound, thank God.'' Out of 10 I'd say it hurt about a 4 1/2. I went to Snakebite in Dublin for this and the next piece. I'll recommend these guys til the cows come home. They are honest with their prices, super clean and oh so lovely friendly people who will bend over backwards to make sure your sorted if you have any issues healing or if your ink needs to be touched up. A girly called Denis did all my back and she has an amazing portfolio.

Lastly (well, for now anyway) I decided to add to my little quote and get some swallows. Bird tattoos weren't big when I got this done let me just add. I lived on a farm growing up and my granddad used to leave the animal doors in the sheds open in the summer so the birds could fly in to make nests. Since I can remember he always used to tell stories about them and explain about their journey and their special tails. I have six of them, each one to represent a family member who I grew up with at home. This one goes from where my quote finishes up to the right side of my shoulder blades. You can't see from my poor quality picture (sorry!) but the birds differ in size and go right across my back. I'll admit, this one hurt more then I like to normally say. Getting your spine tattooed is not a nice sensation and I had a bad reaction to it. But after several lollipops and some sugary drinks I was much better. A 8 out of 10, mostly toward the top part of my back and my spine was a big 10.

My next tattoo will be on the same arm as my spiral. I want to get a full ring of big colourful (oh, look at me not going with my normal black, fancy!) daisys that go up my arm. Thats all to report for now, but never fear, I will always want/need more ink!

Do you have any tattoos?

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