Wednesday 8 May 2013

Revitale And Grace Your Face Pore Strips

 From the previous super success of using the Boots nose strips in the past, I had to have a try of some other types to see if they were any better. That and who wouldn't like to get rid of the horrible clogged pores from around as much of your face as possible? So when I was wondering round FragranceDirect last month (check out my last FragranceDirect post here before you order) I couldn't pass up both boxes for 99p.

Lets start off with the Revitale deeply absorbent nose strips. There are 5 deep magnetic cleansing strips in each box, and just like any nose strips, all you do is wet your nose, peel the strip and leave it on your nose for 10 to 15 minutes until it drys, then peel it off. They are formulated with natural charcoal extracts which sounded very fancy to me, but to my horror the black charcoal transferred onto my skin and I was a little worried would leave a mark. Thankfully after some soap and water it came off. But the over all result wasn't as I had hoped it would be with all its fancy words and posh shiny packaging. Not only did the black come off, but the strip itself didn't dry properly with any that I tried and my pores still looked just as bad once I had finished using them. Not a very good buy at all and something I wont be getting again. Also I couldn't find anything about Revitale online, other then that there are other products in the range and that you can also buy them on Amazon.

Next are the Grace Your Face chin and forehead strips. The packaging reminds me of some of the Essence range and it caught my eye because of it. I really let out  'oohhh, look!' when I saw these because like I said in my last nose strip post, I would love to find strips that cover more of your face and here they were! There are 6 strips in this box and I assumed that 3 would be for your chin, 3 for your forehead and different shapes to suit the area. No they are all the same size and shape, strangely. These ones were better then the Revitale ones as they dried well and unclogged more pores once removed, but I just wasn't in love with them. Again, they were only 99p so it wasn't a waste of money to try them out. These strips seem to be more widely available online and in shops like SuperDrug, but like the Revitale ones, I couldn't really find any information about them online. On the box they had a web address that is no longer in existence it seems. 

But at the end of the day I have yet to find anything that can outdo the Boots tea tree and which hazel nose strips. They are my one love and I have been repurchasing them again and again. Go take a look at my post about them here.

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