Thursday 9 January 2014

December And Limited Edition Christmas Glossy Boxes

I know, I'm so far behind I'm posting about December Glossy boxes. Oh god, please don't hate me! But I thought why the hell not show and tell you all about them, after all I quite enjoyed receiving them and I like sharing little bits of happiness with you all. Especially when they come in gorgeous pretty boxes that just make you melt a little. No, just me? Oh, ok then..

First off we have the regular December Glossy Box and its all pimped out for Christmas, surprise surprise! But I have to say, I really loved that even down to the cute red and green theme, it was well thought out. Would you take a gander at the tree shaped beauty things?! Ugh, so much love! 

I have to admit, this box was by far the worst one I have gotten. My favourite thing has to have been a tie between the gorgeous Beautiful Movements Cosmetics nude lip gloss that is £12 for a full size. I have used this from the word go, its so handy and you can use it with any look for a little extra shine. Then the other, the oh-so-nom Bee Nature bee nature soap that just smells amazing and has a cute little print of a bee on it too. For a 100g its only €5.50.

The next thing was Rituals miracle balm which I was undecided about. I liked that I received a good full sized product and I loved the pinky purple packaging but the cream itself hasn't really made any difference to my hands.. Its £10 for a 75ml tube.

Lastly, the two things that I was really unimpressed about was the Maybelline new york volum' express colossal smokey eyes mascara thats £7.99. Not only is it a mouth full, but its something I have tried before and really hated. The brush is too big and awkward to use and it leaves clumps of mascara all over your lashes.. And cheeks! Nope, this was off loaded to the sister to see if she had better luck.

 And lastly, Yin Yang Skincare rich skin food thats £19.50 for 50ml. Not only was I not too excited about little samples but on closer exception I noticed they were expired. Later Glossy Box emailed customers to ensure that they were not responsible and forwarded on an email from Yin Yang Skincare, in which they apologized for what happened and said that the samples were fine to use, but if customers wanted to email them they would be happy to send in date ones. My thoughts? Not even slightly impressed. Glossy Box is meant to be a luxurious service that, lets be honest here, is pricey enough and I wouldn't like to think of anyone forking out their hard earned dosh for less then amazing things. Much less out of date things. Been hearing more and more negative talk about Glossy Box on the tweets and blogosphere lately and I'm starting to agree. Maybe its time to look at other beauty boxes?

Next is the Limited Edition Glossy Box that I was very surprised to find my postman handing over (Stephen is a total plonker, but I love him very much!) This one is a fancy as can be box - its gold and black, like come on! I've no problem admitting I drooled a little over how pretty it is, like all of the box presentations generally are. It also came perfectly in tacked and none of the products looked like they were given a good shake mid travel, so An Post must have invested in a football since my last box! This has six products in it, unlike the normal five you tend to receive in most boxes. I was much happier with this box in comparison to the last disaster, so well done Glossy Box for covering your arse! If only every box could be this amazing! 

First we have Etre Belle Cosmetics waterproof lash sensation mascara. This one gets the thumbs up, no need to pass onto the waiting hands of the sister this time! This is €17.20 for a 9ml tube.

EnPhidra conditioning lipstick is just so gorgeous. You'll be seeing me smearing it all over my general face area for the next age, it smells as good as it looks. Added bonus of an SPF10. It's €13.90 for a 4.5ml tube.

Glossy Box seems to really favour the aul hand cream, because since subscribing to it I've had to clear a drawer just for the ever growing collections. This one however I wouldn't mind having another drawer full of, the Figs And Rouge coco rose hand cream. I'm not a lover of rose scent in the least, it makes me feel really sick, but this I can about handle for how soft it makes your hands. €4.80 for a 20ml tube.

Next is the Philip B african shea butter gentle and conditioning shampoo. I'm really excited to try this, shampoo isn't something you normally receive and this one smells good from the sniff I gave it when I first opened the box. I hope it works wonders! €12 for a 60ml bottle.

So Susan Cosmetics water based pure luminizer was something I picked out of the box and let out a 'oohhh' noise while reading the side of it. The packaging is so eye catching and the fact that its a luminizer was even better! I can't wait to try this one out, I've never had anything like it before. This one is €25 for a 15g tube.

Lastly is the Sue Devitt silky blush which is a lovely shade that I can see myself using now that I've been given a few blushers for Christmas, I'm getting more adventurous! It's €14.50 for a 3g palette. 


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