Saturday 18 January 2014

Sales Buys Part 4: Asos And Soap&Glory

So this is the final installment of my crazy Christmas buys for the year, I promise you all! If any of you have been here a while or know me from rabbiting on Twitter, you will know my favourite clothes site is Asos by miles. I just can't get enough of their gorgeous stocks that are ever changing (I just heard my purse cry as I typed that..) And not only are they true to their sizing  but they can be found with sales of up to 70% off at times if you keep checking back. What more could you ask for? Free shipping maybe? Well, they have that too and its worldwide. Can you see why I love it now!

So I was minding my own business the other day when I noticed they had indeed a 70% sale on selected items and an extra 10% off that they tweeted about. Could I really say no to that, now be honest? As always they have amazing shipping times and I got these bits 4 days after ordering them, bang on estimated times!

Sorry for the dreadful lighting, I was racing against the day light and even went outside to try and get the best light. I will retake these while wearing the dresses once I have le boyfriend about again next week.

First this gorgeous warm purple dress with black detailing that I got for around €22. Purple is my favourite colour and I am really in love with this dress. As you can see below, the black lace top is sheer and a tad see through, but it doesn't show anything off, so no need to avert your eyes! Its wonderfully stretchy at the waist so it slips on easily and its got a slightly winged look at the sleeves. There is also a little button at the back which is a cute detail as it leaves a space for a cheeky bit of skin. Ohherrr! Also, when you spin (because everyone spins, don't lie) it goes really wide. Funness! 

I can't find it any longer on the site, but heres a dress thats the same colours just a different style, or theres one here if you feel that ones not your kind of thing but still want the same kind of purple.

Next I got this lovely cream dress that has a similar lace style at the top as the one above. It has a beautiful black ribbon around the waist that really sets off the cream colour. It has a hidden zip at the back thats easy to get on and off along with a lovely v-neck that looks amazing in the lace. I got this back in August in a navy for full price, but never wore it for the event I had got it for so I returned it. I really wanted it in this cream but this colour wasn't suited for the occasion. So I was over the moon delighted that it was now only €25.28 and in my size in the colour I wanted. Score! You can still buy some sizes over here and get a much better description and look at the dress! 

I couldn't pass up these boots for only €26.96 down from nearly €54. I have been scouting out for some good sale boots as my lovely ones from Pennys that I've lived in since I bought them back at the start of autumn are wearing a little thin! These are so comfy and they have a lined inside so your toes are extra toastie. I love the buckle detailing and the little bit of a heel. You can see them over here.

Lastly I might have sent Stephen on a mission when he was passing Boots a while ago. I had seen this Soap&Glory face time gift set in the sales and now that it was half price, down from €32 I couldn't resist getting him to see if they still had some in stock. Oh me oh my, how I love this set! I can't wait to use everything and give you all some rambles and reviews on it. 


  1. You seriously get the best bargains! Can't wait to see pics of the dresses on, they look gorge xx

    1. Ha I not half as good as some! I'll get round to it this week coming :) xx