Wednesday 11 June 2014

Macadamia Oil and Conditioning treatments

I'm on a roll with pound shop finds recently. Last month I stumbled across a macadamia oil extract hair treatment and a hair mask for the grand total of €3. Where would you get it! I am forever on the lookout for something to help with my mane, as I dye the crap out of it and generally abuse it. Macadamia oil is one of those hyped ingredients that a lot of must-have  products contain right now, but what does the stuff actually do? Or is it just that - hype? (like oil pulling, my favourite thing to listen to people 'swear by.' So much loling, so little time.)  

Macadamia oil originates from Australia, but now is also grown in Hawaii. The plants help to grow seeds that produce the lovely rich oil that everyones hair wants these days. The oil contains vitamin E and B, sources of calcium, iron and about 80% mono saturated fat, to name a few things. Despite the oil having so much packed into it, its lightweight and not really that greasy so it absorbs easily into hair. Because it absorbs quickly into your hair, it means that there is no product build up that you can get with products that are slow working. It nourishes, softens and fights the never ending battle with frizzy hair. It helps to keep hair healthy and well, is a wonder ingredient to use. But considering most products say there is only an extract of macadamia oil, I always wonder if there is enough in the product to actually make a difference. 

For €1.50 each, whats the thoughts after using both a few times? I really liked them, especially the oil. I'm not normally one to put oil in my hair and leave it as I feel kind of dirty and in need of a shower, but this stuff didn't make me feel like a total grease ball (sexy phrase alert). The hair mask added to the oils hard work is total bonus hair lovin', but the hair mask on its own doesn't seem to have the same softie soft effect as both used together. However theres no harm in trying out things that could help your hair when they are so super cheap. That and it makes your hair smell really good! I'd definitely recommend picking these up if you see them, especially the little bottle of oil as it has made a difference to my hair. I'm a slightly softer cailin now. 


  1. Ohh nice review loving the price!

    1. Thanks lady, I thought the price was a little bit great too! :D x