Sunday 22 June 2014

My Top 3 Sea Salt Sprays

Sea salts sprays were big last summer and this time round its no different. I'm relitivly new to the whole thing but over the past few months I've been using all sorts of texture sprays and sea salt sprays to get the desired 'just casually been to the beach, and I look feckin' great!' look. So from the high end to the dirt cheap, heres my top 3 for the summer. I mainly use all my sprays on slightly damp hair, but occasionally dry too. 

I'm going to start with the most pocket pinching thing, which I personally think is a crazy expensive brand. Bumble and Bumble has the most beautiful surf spray that comes in a 125ml bottle for only - only €27.50. Before you think I hit my little head off something very hard, I got it as a present. I'll admit, its the nicest one out of the lot as its so light, it has a pleasant smell and a few squirts of this gives my hair the perfect sea salty looking hair. It produces soft wavys without making my hair hard feeling like its full of product or gone mad out of control with frizzyness - thats a word now. Its easy to brush out and isn't sticky in the slightly. If you were big on the beautiful wavy hair then this little bottle isn't worth investing in as it is so expensive and would be used up in no time. However, if your like me and occasionally remember you have hair then it might be something to think about. Its love for me, but when did love become almost €30?!

Next is the middle of the range Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt mermaid look texturizing salt spray. That is a mouth full, but is a lot more friendly to the purse. I got this ages ago and it was about €5 for 200ml, but after a quick look on I spotted it on offer for €2.67, ohh bargain alert! This one is actually my least favourite out of the three here. Its not bad at all, but its a little heavy on the hair and one squirt releases a lot of product which doesn't evenly distribute over the hair. I think the nozzle should be a little bigger so the product isn't as concentrated on one piece of hair. Other then that, it smells nice and works ok. But a little and spraying far away from your hair works best, otherwise it will be sticky and really hard to work with.

Lastly my favourite of the dirt cheap sprays is SuperDrugs own brand Style expertise salt spray in  100ml. I couldn't get the price in euro so I actually called one of the very few shops here in Ireland to ask. The girl was so lovely and helpful, I'm well impressed! This is €3.85 but is on offer at the moment. A lot of things are on offer in SuperDrug - how I love it. This one reminds me the most of the Bumble and Bumble spray. Its got a really good nozzle and distributes the product well. Its light and holds the wavys all day, without looking like theres lots of goo sitting in your hair. 

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