Friday 14 November 2014

A Berry Christmas With Paese

Paese is a brand that I don't tend to talk about, but use all the time. Why the hell is that you ask? I'm not too sure at all, I'm dreadful for talking about the same things over and over, while I have drawer fulls of amazing things I use and love, but never tell anyone about. Whats that line about a well kept secret? As its now almost into mid November, I guess its a lot safer to talk Christmas without getting the head eaten off me! Paese sent me out a few goodies to have a try of with the festive season in mind and I think their right on trend.

First thing that really caught my eye was the Bamboo powder with silk proteins. It not only looks beautiful in its box, but it sounds almost far too fancy to slap on your face. Silk proteins!? This is a white loose translucent podwer that makes you look like a china doll - depending on how much you apply of course. This really gives the most lovely finish and I've noticed I don't need to reapply my finishing powder as much throughout the day when I use this one. Thats always a big plus for me considering I'm prone to being a little shiny (sexy, right?). This contains antibacterial and calming properties and no less then 90% hydrated silica - Thats the stuff that absorbs moisture so you don't get the unsexy shine. It also makes the light reflect so winkles, pores and blemishes are less visible. Can I get a hallelujah?! This comes in just the one shade of 30ml for €11.99, I'd definitely recommend having a goo at it if your at a stand.

Something that I've been a long time fan of is Paese's nail varnishes. I always pop one in my basket every time I pick up some things on Cloud10Beauty and they never fail to impress me. Actually they tend to be the ones that all my family reach for whenever they raid my nail varnish stash. Put on 2 coats and your ready to go, or 3 if your feeling extra fancy and have the time. They normally last about 3 days - as do most average to good varnishes do. This particular red is perfect for the festive season and really, red is never out of fashion. I like that the little pots they come in are square as you can easily pick them out from the rest of your collection (total blind person here!) and that theres so many different shades in the collection to pick from. Theres also a massive range of nail treatments that blow my mind every time I have a nose online at them and I can safely say that some will be on my Christmas list - doesn't every 20 something still need a stocking filled?! You can get these for just €4.99 each which I think is a bit of bargain myself. This particular red matches perfectly with the red lipstick a little below. Just like, fyi lads.

The one thing that I'm not too sure about out of the entire collection has to be the Manifesto liquid lipstick. I've never been a fan of lip glosses or these gloss to lip stick things. I just can't deal with the mess and stickiness of them all. Not to mention if there happens to be a little wind. Well thats it, you may head home and get back into the shower, cos' your hair is stuck to your lips and face. Oh so sexy person. (insert comment about you going Glen Coco here) This didn't do it for me in the slightest. I can see how some people might like the idea of lipstick but also a gloss as a handy 2 into 1 product. It has lots of 'hydration' which I'll agree with. It takes a while for the gloss to dry but its still really moisturising, so pigmented and surprisingly long lasting. So while this just doesn't do it for me, I think theres going to be a lot out there that wont be able to live without it. This ones €6.99 and has over 15 shades to pick from.  

 The last is another favourite of mine. This lipstick with argan oil is only gorgeous and glides on so smoothly. Its got vitimans, antioxidants and just lots of good stuff. Theres 20 shades to choose from and once you have one, you'll want the rest. This one is going to be a firm favourite in my hand bag for the length of Christmas. And with the cute little packaging they are sure to fit neatly into even the smallest of clutches. Bonus points, this red is the totally same shade as the nail varnish that I was talking about above. This one is also €6.99.

You can find stocklists and the full range over here.

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here. 


  1. That lipstick at the end is a beaut!

    1. I want to say its nom, but then I'll sound like I eat them! But it is really gorgeous :D x