Friday 28 November 2014

My Top 10 Lipsticks For The Winter Months

I love me a good lipstick and the making of this was a real shocker. I wouldn't like to admit just how many lipsticks and lip products in general I have. It can just be our little secret that I have a growing problem. I couldn't even narrow it down to a top 5, no sir. Its got to be a top 10 as there are just so many different shades to try out and look amazing in the colder winter months! I've split them into 3 sections. So, here we go!

Berries and Reds:
This is by far my biggest collection of colours, everything is always made better with a red lip! I think theres a good range of lights and darks here to pick from and they are all under €10. All these can be bought in Boots or your local chemist. I know that Seventeen Stay Pout is the cheapest of the lot at just over €6 and none of the others are much over that either. I have to say though, the *Paese lipstick came out so much darker and pink then it is in real life. I did a post on it and a load of other Paese products over here not too long ago. I think the swatch in that photo is more true to life. 

I have two Rimmel lipsticks here. I think by now 107 by Kate in the red and black packaging has become a legendary known dark red. A much lighter 'true' red is the Rimmel 500 in the gorgeous purple packaging. 

And lastly one that I was actually given by my mom, the L'oreal Intense for brunettes in colour riche 376. This isn't as dark as I had expected but just dark enough to make a statement. And although I like how each shade suits a certain hair colour, I don't think it should make a difference. After all theres not many lipsticks on the market that are aimed at purple hair like mine!

 Purples and Pinks:
These ones are slightly more high end prices, but I'm sure there are loads of dupes out there. First is my favourite brand, Seventeen Supreme Shine lipstick in pink posey. Although this is quite sheer you can build it up on the lips and its surprisingly really pigmented. I love this one because you can put it on without having to use a mirror. Not only that but I find a lot of lipsticks can be drying, but this one gives loads of moisture and is again, under the €10 mark.

Next is the most purple, *Christian Breton in speak easy 5048. This is an amazing colour, every time I wear it I'm asked what it is and where I picked it up. Its one of my more 'out there' shades but I love it. Purple has to be my favourite colour so when my hair matches my lips, I'm one happy girl. This is pricey at €18 if you go to the official Christian Breton site, but you can also get it in the Cosmetic Outlet for €10, bargain!

Lastly a lipstick that I wore non stop for about 6 months at one point, my Clinique lovely. I got this as a present as there normally anywhere from €20 a pop, but because I've used it so much the label has wore off and I haven't a clue what shade it is! Also the packaging has been updated, but I think it could be the Butter Shine Lipsticks. If you fancy a new posh lipstick, this is the way to go!

Browns and Burgundy's:
My last two that are such scary colours to wear out in the big wide world, but look so amazing once I get over the bold shades. The lighter is my MakeUp Factory one that I've had for years (I know, bold me.) Like with my Clinique one, the label has wore off so I'm not too sure of the name. I got this in a chemist somewhere in Kerry and pull it out when I'm feeling brave. I love layering it with a deep berry lipgloss for a little more umph. I think it was under €10.

And then Benefit La La Land is an utter beaut. Its really thick as you can see it totally covers my tattoo in the photo above. This lasts ages and is quite moisturisng. I'm not sure if they make this particular shade anymore since they changed all their packaging, but I think you can get something similar. I'm a little sad the new packaging isn't as sleek or fancy as this older one. At about €22 I think some of the brighter shades could be on the Christmas list!

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here. 


  1. Great selection and fab pics, Cat! I am a fiend for nude lippies so the last two are right up my street, but I do love a good berry in Winter.

    1. Thanks for that, the photos took me ages so feel the love! :D I find it so hard to find the right nude, maybe you could suggest a few. Maybe in a blog post! :) xxx