Sunday 28 June 2015

Sexual Sunday: Who Are Pay Pigs?

I'm not about to put my hand on some book and say just because I talk and write about sex, do I know all there is to know on the subject. A perfect example of this is when I came across someone who claimed to be a paypig. Not having a notion what this term meant, I googled and then I decided to hunt some of them down and talk to them more about it. Under the umbrella term BDSM a paypig (also known as a human ATM as a lesser used term) is a submissive person who likes to be financially dominated. Like with all kinks, each person will get their own form of sexual gratification from it and a paypig simply wants a pretty guy or girl to take control of them through 'rinsing' or draining their bank accounts. Some like to meet face to face with the person who is taking their money so they can shop together. Others prefer to only do it from the safety of their computers. 

Like with some forms of being a submissive, they see themselves below those who are taking their money. Terms like Goddess, Queen and other high praise is paid, occasionally even Mistress. Any time money is given, its called a tribute. I asked one paypig if  he though it was a kink, if he himself was into BDSM and was he getting any sexual gratification from it responded with; 

Oh it is *certainly* a kink! I have little interest in traditional BDSM, no interest in whips and chains and the like, I'm not a male Anastasis Steele seeking a Female Mr. Grey! My big kink is humiliation and cuckoldry (i.e being used/buying things/being humiliated by women in relationships etc). I do derive sexual gratification from it but I *NEVER, EVER* bring this into the meetings with people, which I feel would be exploitative and unfair. Being used, having my bank account cleared, turns me on - but it's important to be a perfect gent when carrying the bags and not allow this to creep in. Nobody likes a creepy lad.

From doing some research over the past two months (yes, all those tweets asking for paypigs was not for my own financial benefit!) and talking to about 14 paypigs, I've found that paypigs and financial domination isn't really a widely practiced kink in Ireland. However in the UK and America its thriving and this can be most easily found on social media and twitter in particular. The hashtags #paypigs #finDom and #humiliation and so on are the most common ones used. Its lovely to see that people can explore their kinks safely and without the sometimes scary idea of having to meet in real life, however there are a few things I've noticed that haven't been very much on the positive side. And without bashing or judging I wanted to talk about them.

Now I think its safe to say that I'm not one to judge when it comes to anything sexual, kinky or otherwise, so long as it is safe, consensual and within the law. So when I say theres a lot of negative things I've noticed these past few months talking to and watching paypigs online, I don't mean it to stereotype all those who consider themselves paypigs or finDoms. The first and most worrying thing would have to be the ages of some of the girls who take money, talk to and post up 'sexy' photos of themselves on social media. Its a little scary to see adult men openly praise and worship them in a sexual way, even though its clear they aren't legal. Which brings me on to the finDoms themselves, or those who give themselves that title. Its very easy to take money from people when their giving it away for nothing, so why wouldn't the world and its wife not start using the title? I can understand the lure of it all, but being a Dom of any kind comes with truth and responsibility. When people abuse that type of power, it rubs me up the wrong way. (But all that lovely D/s stuff is for another time entirely!)

Keeping on the topic of those doing the taking, I can't help but see a lot of pictures of these girls (both over and under the age of consent) posting up photos that are somewhere from fully clothed to totally naked and it entices paypigs to give them money, which is fine. But for me, its edging along the lines of prostitution purely because theres money involved. One photo for me that was most disturbing was of an account being drained on screen while it was covered in come being sent to a clearly under age girl. She posted it to followers with pride and it soured the whole paypig idea for me a little. I could bang on about this entire concept for hours - and I do with my friends, I'm so sorry you guys have to put up with my constant sex talk! But like with any sex related or kink thing, there will always to pros and cons, those who practice well and safely and those who abuse it all. - Classic example, a Dom lurking about for new to the scene submissive girls.

And finally, bringing it back home to Ireland, I'm not seeing paypigs on the scene at all. The most promising I found in the form of a twitter account that ended up deleting his account after I talked to him for a while. This is common enough with paypigs, those who just like the idea of being financially dominated but not actually going through with the act. Talking about it and fantasising is enough for them. So, it doesn't seem to have hit Irish shores with a bang as far as I can see, but then again I could be totally wrong. I am of course talking about paypigs in the sense of this one submissive act and not that of a relationship where it is part of play among other things. For me, a paypig is just another kink in this big bag of kink and sex that we call home.

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