Monday 29 June 2015

The Mary-Lou Manizer

Over the past few years I've really got madly on board with the whole contouring and highlighting thing. Sometimes I like the subtle but lets face it, most of the time I want all the cheekbones and all the shiny disco ball face. On my never ending mission to try out as many things to make my face look lively and shiny, I kept seeing the gorgeous Mary-Lou Manizer pop up wherever I went, but wasn't about to fork out €20 plus for a piece of The Balm brand. 

After months of looking at it online and seeing it on others, Cloud10 Beauty had a 15% sale on and Mary herself was included so I couldn't say no any longer. And its safe to say that I am one of the happiest and shiniest women in Ireland because of it. The hype over things can sometimes be more about the hype then the actual product itself, but after using this for almost a month now I can see that its justified. 

Coming in a lovely retro compact with a handy mirror, this is one of the most beautiful and finely milled highlighters I've ever used. You only need the slightest touch of product on your brush for a full look and I can see this lasting me forever, Its a gorgeous light shade that gives a lovely highlight without being over the top shiny (that is unless your someone like me who nearly rubs her face in the stuff!) Apart from highlighting cheekbones, I also like to use it under my eyebrow as a highlight and on the corners of my eyes to brighten them up. I think its great as an eye shadow too if your stuck for something to use, it really has a long list of uses. I think considering the price, its a really great multinational product and even if used daily, it will take such a long time to hit pan on. 

There is also a slightly more pink version of this called the Cindy-Lou Manizer that I was going to get, but wasn't sure if it would suit me as well. After trying out Mary-Lou, I would be more inclined to get the Cindy-Lou as well, purely based off the pigment and quality of this one. And not to mention that the packaging is always something I'll be suckered in by! The Balm is now firmly on my ragdar and I'll be looking to get more things from them in the future (my birthday is in September and I might decide to be good to myself!)

But for now I'm delighted that I finally got the Mary-Lou and I couldn't be happier with its results. If your in the market for a new or more high end highlighter, then I'd hands down recommend this one. 

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