Friday 20 December 2013

Your Entire Christmas/New Years Outfit For €32 From Pennys!

It is rare to find a full length photo of me online, but for you special readers its worth the shame! I wore this lovely dress to the blogger dinner last weekend and couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. Everything I got was from Pennys so you know its going to be a bargain! Also Stephen took all these photos and complained the entire way through of being cold and not knowing what to photograph/how to use the camera, so apologies of my mid movement poses and dreadful close ups!

Firstly the dress for just €19 - A gorgeous (and very sheer - sorry!) cream top half surrounded by belt like gold beads and studding that snakes around into cut out sides. The lower half is a plain black skirt that has a nice flare if you spin! .. Totally didn't spin, I'm a big girl now. It has a plain back with a zip most of the way down so its easy to shimmy into! I also threw on a big knitted black cardi I've had for years and a pair of leggings as it was freezing cold.

 I was going matchy matchy so I got little gold pumps for €6 and a gold clutch bag that was €7. As you can see from the photos it also has a small gold chain if you prefer it on your shoulder. Its actually really big for a clutch which I was delighted about.

Lastly I went for dark plum lips and a brown/gold eye shadow. Just as the sun set and we were going back inside Dodie decided to come over and join in, I was clearly overly delighted by this and Stephen took a quick snap of the event. Hes really the best for putting up with me and taking all the photos I asked for - hes getting some nice Christmas pressies so he should be extra happy soon enough!

I hope everyone is getting super excited for Christmas and the new year ahead. Has everyone got their outfit sorted for the day? Personally I'll be spending the day in some comfy jammies and fluffy socks! Stay fab x


  1. You look gorgeous hun! Great post I love Penneys :) x

    1. Oh god, your very good to say! I really didn't want to post pictures but couldn't not blog about Pennys - I love it too! :) xx