Sunday 2 February 2014

Juice Detox Day 1

I took to Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone thought it would be a good idea to do a type of juice detox, the response was very positive and so I took myself off to Tesco to stock up on lots of fruit and veg! I did way better in Lidi though, their fruit is so cheap! Also they had juicers on sale this week, you might be able to nab one still. I decided to do this as I have seen a lot of people talking about different types of diets, work outs and other healthy doings, but I'm not one for that sort of thing as some of them are fad diets and have scary results. (I'll get you head to google for your own research) But I thought why not, I might eat less chocolate and a bit more fruit, just for a bit. I took this on in the name of a healthier lifestyle and be a guinea pig for your benefit (!) as opposed to dieting or trying to loose weight so I haven't kept an eye on my weight since starting this.

I took all my recipes from the book Michael Van Straten Super Juice. In no way am I a nutritionist or someone to look to for advice on healthy living, this was just my own personal doings and thoughts on this juice detox. Some of the juices are my own and I will say if they are! For the next 3 days, this is what I'm having! The book suggests no caffeine and only light salads and fruit as meals in between. I tried sticking to this near-no-eating lark for all of three minutes. I'm cutting down on the chocolate and bread but thats it!

Breakfast Day 1 Pro-bonus 1

3 apples: I didn't peel mine but uncored and cut it up
2 celery sticks: I left the leaves on but cut it up
1 beetroot: I forgot to get some in the shops so cheated a bit and used ones from a jar
Half a small cabbage: I chopped mine up and took the outter leaves off

This contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, iron, folic acid, potassium and phosphorus. 

I fecked this up a bit and thought blending all this together would work, but I was very wrong. Round two with the juicer and it worked out better. I'm not going to lie, this was one of the worst tasting juices of the entire 3 days. I think it might have been the cabbage, but ugh. Drink it quick and get it over with! Also careful not to stain any hands or clothing with the beetroot like I might have.. 

Lunch Day 1 Pro-bonus 2
4 carrots: Chop off the top and cut into pieces
2 apples: I didn't peel mine but decored and cut them up
2 small broccoli heads: Cut into 4 
1 red pepper: Cut up and the center removed
There was a suggestion of 3 chard leaves and a handful of watercress but I didn't put any in my drink.

This contains vitamins A,C,E,B6,K, folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

After the breakfast drink this tasted like heaven! It actually was really nice and the 3 apples made it lovely and sweet too. Lots of carrots to make you see in the dark like rabbits as my granny always says! I had a piece of chicken pie that was homemade so no bad things there!

Dinner Day 1 Peak Performer
12/14 grapes: Nothing needed done 
4 pears: I didn't peel mine but cut off the top and bottom then into pieces
2 apples: I didn't peel mine but decored and cut them up
It suggests you use 2 pieces of pineapple but intelligent here forgot one so I used a handful of spinach leaves and 2 celery sticks as I was really hungry.

This contains vitamins B,C, potassium, pectin, calcium.

Looks unappealing but give it a mix up and you can really taste the sweet grapes, pears and apples. There is also a strong taste of the celery but on the plus side celery has feck all calories in it! I may have almost cried when Stephen sat down at the table across from me with an absolutely massive pizza, the little fecker. I had 3 small/average size slices and some rice crackers. 

So that was day one! I will admit I was a little scared and joked with friends that I would be in the bathroom for three days straight on this juice detox but it wasn't anything like that just in case anyone is a bit afraid of the outcome! Its all good people! I'll tell you all about day 2 tomorrow, I bet you just can't wait ;)  


  1. Your lunch juice looks quite tasty really! It doesn't look as bad as the whole idea sounds :-)

  2. The lunch one looks nice, I'm really not sure I could live off that for 3 days though, I'd be starving and screaming for a burger!!! Can't wait to hear day two's!! :) xx