Wednesday 19 March 2014

New Vaseline Spray&Go Body Moisturiser

Its time for some heart to heart here. I have to tell you all something that is shameful and truly dreadful; I am lazy as hell when it comes to moisturising. Oh god there I said it and the world of beauty inhales a sharp breath! I know, what am I like having sand paper skin. I don't know myself but I have to tell you, I've found something thats making it a little easier to deal with.

Vaseline has a new Spray and Go body moisturiser thats been on shelves since Christmas if I remember. I walked by, always having a look, always wondering what it was like but never taking the leap because well, it was moisturiser and that was something I never bought as I've so much of it lying around at home, unopened, unused and unloved. But it was on offer one day when I was in Boots going a bit mad and I thought why not, I think theres enough space to squeeze in one last impulse buy! I was so lucky that I did too.

Right so, here is what you do. Spray on, rub in really quick and put your clothes on before you freeze. End of. No waiting around and risking your bits falling off from frost bite, no flapping your arms around or blowing on your skin trying to get it to dry faster. Nope none of that carry on. It claims to be non greasy and its not too far off, it does skin in and dry quicker then a lot of the moisturisers I have tried and with so many different types to try I know I'll not only use this one up but also be trying out the others in the line. The one I have now has cocoa butter in it and smells sweet and slightly chocolaty, nom! All the tins have a handy nozzle yoke that you can twist so none of it will come out by accident, just like the bottles of Impulse. Another handy benefit of this is that my skin is actually starting to feel like skin again and not the sand paper I have become accustom to feeling. Lovely stuff!

My 190ml bottle was about €4.19 and I know Boots has them on offer a lot too. Will you be piking up one of these handy yokes for those days when your in a hurry or indeed like myself, lazy as sin?


  1. Did a review on this a few weeks ago and although I do like it and find it quick and a good moisturiser I just can't bear put it on when I'm cold! The spray kills me, I hate the cold! x

    1. I read it, was very good! You got the green one I think? Oh amen to that, But I don't think this one is as bad as some others cos' it really does dry quick. Thank goodness! x