Wednesday 1 October 2014

Boots Haul: Hair and Makeup Must Haves

Its important to note that this spend was totally ok as I had gotten a Boots voucher for my birthday and it was burning a hole in my handbag. The majority of this haul are things that I had needed to repurchase or that I had been looking at for ages and just never had the extra funds to splurge on. So thank you to one of my besties for feeding my Boots habit, the doll! Boots are doing there regular savings with 3 for 2 on make up and the likes, but there also doing a 3 for 2 on all hair care - which I think ends up being a little expensive in the long run. So until they finish that offer I'm hunting around the house for some shampoo and conditioner!

I had to get more hair dye as I'm finally finished my god awful bottle of Bleach London. Now I can go back to much loved and trusted Live Colour XXL in purple. This stuff lasts such a long time and is one of the best purple dyes I have tried (and believe me, I've tried them all!) This was only €6.99 and normally its on offer for two fro €9, so look out for that if your a dye addict like myself.

I also picked up Soap&Glory Orangeasm body wash that I have wanted since it came out. I can't get enough of the scent and a friend actually took it from me because I was sniffing it too much. (opps). I can't wait to try this out in the shower and see if the scent is long lasting and what it really smells like once its applied to the skin. Not only that, but obviously if it washes well and leaves me squeaky clean! This was the cheapest out of the new line at €9, which is a bit steep, but after all it is S&G.

Another thing that I had been after for ages was the Invisi bobble that I read about on a blog and really wanted to try. This is meant to keep hair in place without catching or leaving bobbin marks in your hair. I am forever tying my hair up and letting it loose again late only to find kinks and crazy possessed big hair. I really hope this isn't a gimmiky product and it actually works. It will make a nice change from getting my hair pulled out by my bobbins too and I'm hoping it wont break as easy as the ones I'm currently using at the minute. For a pack of three this was €4.89.

I was set on getting a Sleek palette as I have never owned one and when I saw the limited edition Arabian Nights, I knew it had to be mine. What I didn't know was that Sleek had a buy one get one half price on all their stock so I came away with another much drooled over palette, Vintage Romance. Both of these make me happy just to look at and I can't wait to have a proper play and create some looks. These are €9.99 each, but I got the second one for €4.99. Over the past month I have been seriously gaining a lot of new shadows and palettes so I think these will be the last for a while as I just have too many! The last Sleek palette I really want is the Sunset one, after that the craving should be filled! (Or so I hope). I'll start doing reviews and swatches in the next while of all the these shadows and products, so keel the eyes peeled.

Lastly, some much needed repurchases. Seventeen is one of my most loved make up brands and I have bought dozens of their phwoarr paint concealers and miracle matte pressed powders. The concealer is a near dupe of Benefits boi-ing but for only €6.99, while the pressed powder was €5.09. Seventeen had an offer on of buy two products and get a free back lash mascara that is normally €8.19. It was just my luck that I was buying two things anyway! I haven't seen this mascara before, so I don't know if its new or not, although I don't pay too much attention to any mascaras out.

Lastly I picked up a reduced Bourjois record liner in black for €3, originally €10.49 as the packaging had been damaged. I couldn't have been happier as this brand is normally out of my reach with its slightly high end prices. 

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