Monday 20 April 2015

Blackhead Killer Review

I love those sticky nose strips that you can get in Boots for your blackheads. The satisfaction for letting them dry and then ripping it off to find all your blackheads stuck to the strip. Now a lot of people say that its not the best thing to pull blackheads out of your skin and leave your pours open, but I don't do it daily or even weekly, so I don't think its going to hurt too much. I love toning and then putting a little moisturiser on afterwards, to keep those pours happy and staying spot free.

With all that in mind, I got sent these blackhead remover peel off masks to have a little go of. I'll be honest and say that I've seen a lot of negative reviews of these in the past, so I approached them with caution. When you open the pack there is black liquid that you spread all over your face and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to let it dry, then just peel it off. I wouldn't recommend using this if you have fake nails on as it took me ages to clean the black goo from under them, but I ended up just taking them off. You'll need warm water and lots of soap to get this off your hands. Maybe it was just me - but I found it really hard to get off when wet!

However when it drys and you peel it off, it comes away easily with no pain - apart from if its dried in your hair or near your eyebrows. It left no irritation and my skin felt fresh after it, but I gave it a quick clean with a cleaner to make sure everything was taken off. As for the mask itself, I was surprised to see blackheads clinging to it along with some tiny hairs. 

Would I recommend it? At £14.95 for 5 packs of 10ml product, I'm not sure I would spend such a lot of money for them. It does actually do what it says on the packet as far as getting rid of blackheads, but it also says that it prevents future spots which I haven't found at all. It says on the site that if your not 100% happy with the product then you can get all your money back, which makes me have more faith that the product is more likely to work, considering they are so confidant in it. 

I'm on the fence about this one. I love things that I can peel off my face and it is nice to find a product like this that you don't have to rip off your face in little strips. And the fact that you can apply to to where you like on your face instead of only on your nose and chin as I've seen marketed by other brands. Have a look at them over on the site here.

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.

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