Saturday 4 April 2015

Maybelline Flawless Nude Fluid Touch Foundation

Purely for the fact that I wanted people to be able to search my blog easier, I titled this by the product and not my original idea of 'Why You Should Listen To Bloggers'. I rarely buy make up without having researched it and made sure all my most trusted and loved bloggers have given it the thumbs up, but this time I ignored their warnings. Why is that you ask? Well I had had a crap day and the Boots was closed by 5 minutes (yes, 5 minutes. It was that kind of day) but I wanted to pick up a few bits to make myself feel a little better. After all, who can stay say when they have a new lipstick or shower gel to try out? So I went off to Tesco to have a look at their offerings.

Can I just state for the record that all the blogs I read reviews of this foundation on said it was less then amazing. With full knowledge I threw caution to the wind and bought this stupid thing. I've never been so annoyed at a product or at myself for that matter. And bloody hell the prices of make up in Tesco! Its utter day light robbery!! I felt bad enough buying something that didn't come with Boots points and wasn't on 3 for 2 - even texting himself to morn the loss of my beloved points. But when I looked on the two sites to compare prices I was sickened. Nope, Tesco is only good for €3 Comfort and €1.50 chocolate chip cookies. 

Leaving the crazy Tesco prices aside, this is one of the most expensive foundations on the 'lower end' side of the market per ml as this is only 20ml compared to the normal 30ml - I pulled out every foundation I own to double check this. Next the odd looking glass bottle is gorgeous for displaying and taking photos of, but its weighty for such a little thing and the weird wand is useless. I've no clue what dopes at Maybelline designed it, but I could do a 100% better job. I end up just pouring this onto my hand or brush and making a right mess. 'Unique tear drop applicator for a fuss-free application' my arse!

 You have to shake this product very well as it separates in the bottle at an alarming rate for a brand new bottle of foundation. The texture is very runny but once applied to the skin it turns light weight and has a mousse like feel. But that doesn't mean it doesn't cake over any imperfections and look patchy on my face. Even after I used a mask and a face exfoliater to see if it would sit any better it just made small spots look twice there size. The coverage is light and you basically need perfect skin before you use this stuff. - I get a few spots and have patches of redness but I wouldn't say my skin is dreadfully bad. But looking at this stuff on my face made me want to go back to bed.

I also have combo skin, but for the past month or so its been behaving very 'normal' with no major oiliness or dryness. However after having this foundation on for 3 or 4 hours, its sliding down my face and its very oily. Even after prepping my skin with primers and applying a setting powder on top. 

Its not for the want of trying as I spent a stupid €12.99 on this. I've used my fingers as it suggests (which is horrible let me just say. Make up brushes for the win!) I've used several different brushes and beauty blenders. It just refuses to sit on my skin right. The only positive about this is that the bottle looks nice and the lightest shade that I get in all foundation isn't too far off my own colouring. Other then that, this has sadly done nothing for me. I'll try finishing it off by mixing it with other better foundations, but I have learnt my lesson. Wait until Boots is open (where its on 3for2 and only €10.49) and the major one. Listen to your favourite, most trusted and loved beauty bloggers when they all say a product isn't worth buying!

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