Monday 6 April 2015

Ren Bath And Body Discovery Kit

Ren is a brand that I never pay much attention to. I always think of it as far too expensive for me personally and also it seems like its marketed towards an older person. Thats just my feelings on it though, I've no doubt that theres lots of younger people who use and really love Ren. I was kindly given this *Ren bath and body discovery kit a few weeks ago to try out.

This kit comes with four mini Ren clean skincare moroccan rose body wash and matching body lotion. There is also the revivo tonic body wash and lotion.I used both of the shower gels and found them grand. Neither were amazing but I did like the rose scented one a little more then the odd smelling mint revivo tonic. I would say that it would be good if you had a cold and needed to clear your head a little. But other then that, I didn't really like it and used the last in a bath for the bubbles.  

The two body lotions however I liked even less. They sat on top of my skin and I found it really difficult to get them to sink in. Even a little at a time really working it into my skin didn't help. They rubbed off onto my clothes and anything I  touched off of. My skin didn't feel any more moisturised and I couldn't wait to start using my other (and cheaper might I add!) moisturisers. Again the rose scent was a little more bearable then the mint scented one, but I find the rose scent that Ren uses in all its products a little aging. I normally really like rose scents so I can safely say I'm not bias towards the aul scent!

Overall for the price of £16 (about €22 straight off a converter, it could be a little more or less in the shop) I don't think that its worth the money. Its a cute little gift and its great for trying out a number of things from the range, but I'm just sadly not in love with it at all.    

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.

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