Wednesday 9 April 2014

Anatomicals Oi! You Throbhead

I am a sucker for these 'gimmky' types of products that promise all sorts of mad things and I thought this would be no exception from the rest. A balm that promises to relieve a headache without the aid of a pill or prescription? God they were full of themselves when they sat down to come up with the packaging I thought! But my, when I added it to the basket and pressed 'please make the post man bring it to me' I didn't expect to get such a treat!

Now I'm not one for all these 'I can tell your fortune/you can fix it with magnetic jewelry/drink 5 drops of water diluted in water and it cures...!'  sorts of people at all. I like to take everything with a pinch of salt but I am genuinely surprised by this product. This is a handy little purple tin that you can throw in your bag or by your bedside table and reach for any time you need a bit of relief from a headache or some instant relaxation. Just rub a little onto your temples, your forehead or the back of your neck and chill out for a while.

Whats in it? Extra virgin olive oil, golden yellow beeswax, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, mandarin and sandalwood oil, rosehip extract and calendula extract. Theres no bad things floating round in this little tin, no sir. Theres a definite smell of mint from this, so if your not a minty fan you mightn't enjoy it! It reminds me of vicks vapour rub and I'd say smelling this if you have a blocked nose could work just as well -I will report back next time I get a cold (Sexy). But there is also a smell of wax and a slightly sweeter smell mingling altogether in that little tin. (paused to have a good sniff before I wrote that part!)

When you stick your finger into the tin the yellow product is solid but the minute it comes into contact with the heat of your hand you get a lovely oil thats easy to spread and apply. Nothing worse then having to dig a product out of a tin I think! As for the packaging itself, I am always a major fan of Anatomicals things. I really love that the tin is purple, I like how eye catching the name is and how easy it is to read what the product actually does instead of fruitlessly searching for what the hell it is like some products. That and every product is a little bit cheeky, with name calling or innuendos. How suited we are as a beauty lover and a product!

Overall a fun little tin to have round the house if you want 10 minutes of relaxation to sooth the head and maybe a blocked nose. But for me, I'm sticking to headache pills when I get a really bad one as I can't stand them for long! All you need is just a dab so this pot will last you forever. I picked mine up from Cloud10Beauty for €4. Not bad at all. 


  1. Anatomicals seem like such a fun brand :) I've tried Badger Balm and that was good,and this is really affordable! xx

    1. Oh that sounds fancy, Badger Balm! I must have a look out for it. Considering how long it'll last it is really affordable yeah :) x