Friday 25 April 2014

Seventeen Cheek Stamp

A  few weeks ago when Boots was having one of their 3 for 2 on all make up (don't lie, everyone and their cats went mad for those 2 weeks.) I picked up this little blush along with a few other things. It caught my eye because one its Seventeen and they are so on the ball with all their products, to me they hardly ever do wrong. Secondly it was a new thing just out that was.. Stationary but make up? Some of my favorite things in life combined! I had to pick it up, it was for the good of my health. Cough.

I'm not one for using blush normally as I try to stay clear of anything that will help me to achieve a clown/did my make up in the dark look. But people I have been getting brave in the past few months! Trying fake tan, contouring and now look where I am! I think this is the perfect blush for an utter novice like myself. The little stamp part itself gives the perfect amount of product in one 'stamp' onto your cheeks and when its blended out looks gorgeous and very natural. The one I have is in 'blushing' and I love that theres no slimmer to this and that theres no fall out which I was expecting considering it looked like it could be an awkward thing to use. Its the kind of thing you can slap onto your face and go if you only have minus 5 minutes to do your make up in the morning and still look perfect leaving. 

 This blush is a little bulky in my make up bag but it has a really handy mirror in the top of it and I'm safe in the knowledge that this wont open and destroy the interior of my bag as its a screw shut packaging. For €6.29 I don't think its going to break the bank if you fancy giving it a go. This comes in 5 different shades that are a lovely range of colours, I'm well impressed.

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