Wednesday 23 April 2014

I Broke My Ban For This!? Sakura

I know, I'm sorry. I'm not sure who I am saying sorry to, but none the less I am. I went into Lush to have a look at the Easter limited edition things one last time and thought I might pick something up but oh no. I had to go nosy at the non limited edition stuff that I'm not allowed to buy and find the shiny, pretty, colourful new thing and convince myself that its for the good of my health that I buy it, fuck the stupid ban...

Now don't ask me why the hell I took photos of it on my Audrey Hepburn book, but I did. I was feeling fancy, artist and well, it needed to be done. I thought it was going to be true love and I would look back in years to come with a fondness over our first pictures together and how wonderful they were. Getting sentimental over beauty products is what I do best, clearly. But its all been a waste. Oh Sakura, how could you?  

 On a side note, I bought this in the Henry St. Lush shop and was not at all impressed with the staff that day. Normally when I pop in they are friendly, helpful and lovely. But both my friend and myself were in agreement that it felt like a 'buy and get out' vibe was going on. When I flicked though the new Lush magazine and asked if they had a bath bomb in stock I was met with a kind of unhelpful short 'no' that was off putting and the last straw so we left. Anyway...

Sakura is new to me (and possibly a few of you too) so naturally I had to have it. Its inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan 'designed to evoke the burst of optimism the first sign of Spring brings'. It sounds pretty good huh? It has sea salt, lemon oil, orange flower and jasmine absolute and gardenia extract to name a few of the ingredients inside. Floral, uplifting and calming is what Lush is going for here, but my experience was nothing like it I'm sad to say.

With the little pop of sea salt colour on the top of the bath bomb I thought there might be more colour inside but that wasn't the case. Fear not I thought, it will be beautifully scented considering how damn good it made my room smell every time I walked into it, but nope. So that left the water itself, it has to leave my skin silky with all the lovely ingredients and oils floating about... No, can't say that it did that either. Le sigh.

I can deal with plain  looking water as long as it smells good and most of all, does something for my skin. Normally I can get the scent of a Lush bath product through most of the house but not even close up to the water could I get a decent smell of it. Even after I had finished the bath my dear mammy commented about the lack of Lush smell asking if I had used anything in the water, it was that noticeable. And then secondly my skin didn't feel any better or worse after the bath, just the same. For all the oils and extracts that have gone into this bath bomb its not impressing me. For €3.90 AND breaking my silly ban, its not been worth it. I wont be buying this fella again. 

 A few people were quick to flap on Twitter when I posted a photo of this along with my comment of disappointment purely because I used the hash tag of #whatbubbles - So just to clear this up in case anyone thought I was a total gobshite and know nothing about Lush (go on admit it, some of you think that! :D) its a reference to a joke with friends that I alwasy post pictures of my knees in bubbles when I'm having a bath. Chill lads, chill.

Have you had any nice baths recently? 


  1. Your writing style is brilliant! Definitely wont be buying this bath bomb anyways :o Have you tried Sex Bomb? Its amazing!! :)

    1. Ha thank you very much!Oh glad to hear it, I should have gone looking round for reviews instead of impulse buying! Sex bomb, yas loads! Its a firm fav of mine :) x

  2. That's disappointing! When I saw cherry blossom my interest was piqued! Good to know to avoid this one, thanks lovely! x

    1. I know, right? It was such a let down but I guess you can't win them all. Hope you try out lots of nice ones! :) x