Tuesday 8 April 2014

Whats In My Bag?

Bit of a random post today but its one I love reading with other bloggers/vloggers. I'm so nosy its just not right! I also couldn't think of a better day to take photos of everything then the other day when the sun was out, it was warm (in the corners where the breeze couldn't get at you!) and I was fluttering around the garden like a mad fairy on a blue slush puppy - the devil of drinks if you a parent in the 90's. A heavenly cool and down right yummy drink if you were a child of the 90's. They don't make them the way they used to anymore, took out all the good stuff!

As you can clearly see, I literally turned my bag upside down and fired everything out of it. I recently bought that gorgeous structured black bag with sliver studs, handles and a detachable shoulder strap on sale in H&M for €10 down from €50. Only last week so eh run like the wind for those of you who would like one! There were a good few in stock when I got mine from the Liffey Valley shop. It holds all this shite and on the inside has a little pocket for your phone, one just for holding stuff and on the other side has a bigger one with a zip. I like my zips.

The bigger stuff first! 
My blue make up bag (no.7)
Pink owl purse (bag shop)
Glasses case (Tiger)
Sure and Impluse
Pink sunglasses (Tiger)
Heart tissues (tiger)
Woman stuff!
Finger less gloves (M&S)
Lady nail file (NewLook)
12 pack wipes (Boots)
Reusable strawberry bag (Pressie from the mammy!) 

Small fecky bits!
SmashBox card with my products written on it
Hayfever tablets
Dads mass card
Floral passport (Penneys)
Pen and notepad (Tiger)
Bobbins (Boots)
Million lipsticks
Million plasters
Million perfumes
Two sentimental rosary beads
Minty mint

Thats what I'm carrying (apart from the kitchen sink of course!) In my bag, why don't you show me whats in yours? Tag me when you do on twitter @Bigblondegirl01 so I can go read it and be nosy!

Do you carry any crazy or unnecessary things in your bag?


  1. I actually tend to carry very little extra in my bag. It will always have an umbrella (Penneys Butterfly one - I love butterflies), Spare glasses and/or sunglasses, depending on whether I'mm wearing glasses or contacts, my purse, tissues (usually but not always) and my lipstick/mascara/perfume du jour. I try to be good that way!

    1. Well look at you go! Jasus if I didn't have all that shite in my bag I wouldn't know what to do with myself! :) x

  2. Here missus, did you get that glasses holder from Tiger recently?

    1. About a month ago lady! Was in there today and they have lovely colourdy had cases too x

  3. Very nice having a nosy in your bag!