Saturday 19 April 2014

Penneys Haul: Look Cat!! Whose Counting?

Despite actually closing Dodie (the cat) out of my room she still managed to jump in the window 2 seconds later and demand to be in the photos - well she wouldn't get off the bed and kept trying to eat everything. In cat language thats pretty much demanding. So please feel free to play spot the cat and ignore the total that all this comes to. Thanks xox

I went totally mad. Like, I lost the run of myself in Penneys not once but TWICE. I had a gift voucher to spend (so don't go thinking I've a secret money tree out the back there!) and I went back another day to pick up more shoes. They were perfect, cheap and I knew I would wear them thin half way through the summer. Smart thinking me! I also had a goo at their clothes - all divine pieces but after trying on 27 things in the changing room and not liking one, I said feck it.

(cat foot!) €4 bra and knickers set? Don't mind if I do!
Purple sparkly knickers €2
Boring black leggings €4
Black pumps €3 each (!)

I had been looking for a water bottle for ages but could only find the mad expensive ones in Tesco for €14 so when I was running out the door on the first trip to Penneys I knew I had o go back and get this for a tiny €3.
On the second trip back I also got another pair of black pumps. Go and buy them before they sell out. They are so comfy and will go with everything. You need them!
I also got these gorgeous girly blue pumps with little dots all over them - be still my beating heart! €5 

I have been searching for flower head bands and bam! Massive white roses €3 and smaller pink ones €2. You can also get the roses in pink.
Chocolate Bubbles&Butters lip butter €1.50
Essence 6in1 nail candies in always in my mint €2.29
Catrice prime and fine €4.99 
NYC expert last lipstick
9 pairs of earrings €3

Argan oil hair mask €2 - I think, can't remember!
Mini hair brush €1.50
Lovely big floral patchwork cushion €8

So there you go, just picked up a few bits.... Oh bonus tip, don't try getting on the Luas at rush hour with a massive cushion. It just wont work and you will not only be squashed but hit everyone you pass by. Its like a sport. I'd be good at that. Wow, a sport I might win at, this needs to become a thing... Tangent! 

Hope everyones having a great long weekend! x


  1. is penneys like primark? it looks very like it! I love the purple knickers :) and your cat is sweet!

    Catherine x

    1. Yup its Primark but over in Ireland its called Penneys :) Thank you, can't wait to wear them ha! That kitty is one bold lady ;) x

  2. If you ask me that cushion is worth an elbow in the tit :P So pretty! Love the pic of your cat with the flower headband..."iz der bee in here?"

    Aisling :P x

    1. Ha!! I thought so too :D Nawww yeah, shes a funny little yoke :) x