Tuesday 27 May 2014


It all started with myself and another blogger chatting about Lush, which turned into lunch and before I knew it I was organising this #BloggersDoDublin day out. Considering theres not a lot of time to put this altogether, I am still in the middle of talks with companies, venues and lots more! So the details are a little fuzzy still. But fear not, I will update here and on twitter as I find out whats happening! I am hoping to have the event really near Grafton St, so it will be easy to find for everyone. The venue will be giving us good deals on lunch specials and of course a sneaky drink or two. It should be starting by 1pm.

Paul from The Costmetic Outlet is kindly giving us 30 goodie bags on the day. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know my crazy hauls obsession with this shop! Make sure go and say hello to him on Twitter and Facebook, the star!

The Irish Cancer Society holds a very special place in my heart, so on the day there will be a raffle in aid of this charity. I am so excited to be able to tell you that loads of Fantastic companies have got on board with me and donated prizes for this. So ladies, heres what your in with a chance of winning!

List of companies/bloggers attending:

Beth Young   bethyoungmakeup.com
Kathleen O'Rourke   squidgemoments.ie
Robyn Morton   robynrantsandraves.com
Siofra Corry (+1) somepretentiousname.blogspot.ie
Lisa D   scatteredbrainedblogging.blogspot.ie
Kerrie sempresorres.blogspot.ie
Aishling ashlingoneillphotography.blogspot.ie
Elaine   rubylainemakeup.com
Debra Wray  (+1)  overdressedandunprepared.co.uk
Stephaine Barry   polishedandprimed.com
Stephanie Buckley   eatsleepchic.ie
Girl Friday (+1) girlfridaybeautyblog.wordpress.com
Aisling   covetedmess.com
Claire   lovesandlooksramblings.blogspot.ie
Sarah   adoreabubbles.blogspot.com
Miriam and Aoife townmousecountrymouseireland.wordpress.com
Kate   rubyduchess.blogspot.ie
Laura moustache-mouth.blogspot.com
Karen Flynn astitchtowearblog.blogspot.co.uk
Alex and Becky pinkelephantbloggin.com
Katie   katiescorner.blogspot.ie
Aisling   rosysmiles.blogspot.co.uk
Anita Whyte dolledup.ie
Manal Awan sopolishedireland.blogspot.ie
Linda oceana-spa.com
Bernie marykay.co.uk
Katie Wheeler bloggingitbeautiful.blogspot.ie
Kassi makeupartistas.com
Nickki limesandstars.blogspot.ie
Lesley bellinsandblush.wordpress.com
Jennifer and Ciara frommattetometallic
Audrey nail-affair.blogspot.com

I'm going to have to cap the number attending at 40. There are a few places left if you would like to leave a comment below and I can add you to this list.

For some of you ladies this will be the first blogger meet up you attend. Don't be worrying or stressing out! The very first blogger event I attended I got lost and ended up sitting in the loos for a good 15 minutes on the verge of tears before I managed to make it out. (But hopefully no one will freak out as badly as I did!) The dress code is whatever you feel comfy in. You can glam up or come in a tshirt, no one will mind.  I am more then happy to give you my number in case you get lost on the day or need to ask me some questions. Just Tweet or DM me and I'll give it to you.

I'm so excited and can't wait to see everyone on the day!!


  1. Have an awesome day you guys!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, hopefully you'll be at the next one! :) x

  3. I'd love to go, But I'd it to know what times and stuff because I'll be bussing it up to Dublin!

  4. Would love to come, if you'll have me?

    1. Not a bother lady, I'll put your name on the list now :)

  5. Hi ladies, this is a fab idea and well done on all the organising! I'm new to the blogging scene, so I'm not sure if this is open to newbees, but if it is I'd love to to come along and meet some new people within the community!x

    1. Of course you can, I'd love to have you! You've been added to the list above :)

    2. EEEK!!! Thanks a million Cathy,I am so excited for Saturday.its gonna be fab! That was me that commented below too,sorry-i thought my comment didn't publish so tried again through my email.you can disregard! Thanks again,WOOHOO!!


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    1. Hey Lesley, if you could just send me a link to your blog so I can add you? Newbie bloggers are always welcome!! :)