Tuesday 6 May 2014

New Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

People have being going totally mental for micellar cleaning waters the past few months and the latest one has been Garniers. I wasn't too quick to jump on the band wagon considering I was quite happy with my L'oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying micellar solution that I did a review on a while back. Everyone has been comparing the two and to be honest I really can't see that much of a difference in the two apart from a few small things. But before we get on to nit picking, what the hell is micellar water and what can it do?

This product takes off all your make up while cleansing, toning and hydrating it all in one go. It smooths, unclogs pores and removes all those nasty impurities just by dabbing a bit of this water-like stuff onto a few cotton pads and wiping it over your face. Honest to god thats a bit of gold in a bottle if I ever did see it! As with the L'oreal one, Garnier takes off lip stick very well but can take a good scrub before all the eyeliner and mascara will come off. But if your traveling or lazy like me, you wont want to go through 5 bottles trying to get all the goo off your face, so this is perfect! And it does leave your skin squeaky clean and fresh.

So whats the difference between the two? Some say that one solution or the other is better, but personally I think they are about the same and do exactly the same thing while both being sensitive to the skin - some scientific evaluation there huh! But one thing I haven't heard complaints about with Garnier is that their lid is a lot better then the L'oreal one. Less product comes out so its easier to control and your not wasting any. Bonus 1 point to Garnier. Bonus point 2 to Garnier would be the obvious fact that the bottle is bigger at 400ml in comparision to L'oreal's 200ml. Also Garnier is cheaper on sale at €3.29 (normally €6.29) then L'oreal on sale at €5.02 (normally €6.69). An extra 200ml and cheaper even when not on sale? Yeah thanks I'll go with Granier any day of the week.

Only problem now? The world and his wife are mad for Garnier and they can't keep it on the shelves in Boots. Its also currently out of stock on Boots.ie. The general population of micellar water consumers have spoken it would seem!

Have you tried either of these micellar waters? What do you think is the better one?


  1. Really want to try the Garnier one as I liked the L'Oreal one!

    1. I think you can get it on sale in Tesco! :) x

  2. I'm gonna keep a sharp eye out for both of these. For scientific research ... of course ...