Friday 2 May 2014

W7 Make Up Review - Picture Heavy

Theres a bit of a difference in what I look like before and after I shhhllapp on a bit of make up, right?! As always, I'm putting my bare mug up for all to see in the name of W7 make up. *I was kindly given all of W7 products to try out - minus the In The Buff palette.  I was very excited to try everything out as this is a brand thats new to me and is quite hard to come by here in Ireland, so I was in for a real treat! Below I have a step by step of my before and after photos with the products that I have used. All are unedited and totally untouched, just the lower set have the flash on the camera to make sure you can see all the make up as clearly as I can show it! I am in no way a make up artist and just like to feck around with goo on my face. 

w7 makeup I used:
In The Buff palette - €10
Camouflage kit concealer - €4.99
Powder blush in baby pink - €4.99
Catwalk complexion powder foundation in beige - €4.99
Liquid eyeliner in black - €2.99
The bronzer - €4.99

Other makeup used that is my own:
Stay pout lipstick by Seventeen in Its a kiss off
Match perfect foundation by Rimmel in ivory

I used all my Madison Brushes to complete this look. 

I got uber excited about all this new makeup and did a step by step of me putting it all on. Would you look at me go! I didn't end up using the Catwalk foundation for this because it was far too dark for my complexion. However I did try it out on my face just for the lols and noticed how easy it was to apply, how light it felt on my skin and how long lasting it was (yes, I kept it on for ages, I'm sexy like that). I'm going to go and buy one that is more suited to my skin tone as I really like this foundation and think it could be a keeper. Even if I only reach for it occasionally, it's only €4.99 and wont be breaking the bank!

The Concealer has an impressive 5 shades so it caters for a good few skin tones. I used mainly 2 colours, one more warm pinky shade under my eyes and a lighter one on my many blemishes. I liked this concealer kit but I felt it didn't have an amazing coverage and if I was having a really bad skin day it would be useless to use. I don't think this is something I would pick up for myself as I prefer heavy duty concealer palettes like Catrice or Wet'n'Wilds ones.

The Bronzer makes up for any loss I felt with the concealer though. I think I have finally mastered how to use this right without looking like I fell face fist into the palette! I was at my wits end when I tanned my entire body (thats a whole other post) and my face was left looking less then alive. I used this bronzer and was so impressed. I reached for it daily to help give me a bit of life back to my face and really like using it now that I'm back to pasty pale to give a tiny sun kissed look.

Next was the Blusher and I'm still unsure about it. It does give a lovely pinky colour as you can see above, but I'm not sure if it suited my skin tone all that well. Theres not a lot of fall out with this which is a bonus.

But the two things that really stole the show were the Eyeliner and the In The Buff Eyeshadow Palette. I was a bit ifie with the eyeliner, expecting it to be less then amazing but I was wrong. The little wand is stiff and gives amazing and precise application, I didn't need to clean up parts or try again with this. The black liquid itself is thick, glides on well and theres no need to go over it a second time. I am so impressed  with this total gem and at €2.99 I will recommend this to everyone with eyelids. 

As for the eyeshadow, well I have raved about this in a monthly favourites and in many more posts. I just can't get enough of the gorgeous shades, how pigmented they are and of course the fact that its meant to be a dupe for the Naked 2 but more then half the price helps too. This wasn't given to me to try, I just wanted to include it as its something everyone should own considering how cheap it is, the fab pay off and the variety of colours and looks you can create with it.

I also really like all the w7 packaging. It looks quite cheap but then again it is! What I like most is that most of the products have little mirrors  (the foundation, concealer and blush) or small brushes to use which I wasn't expecting such a cheap product to have. I also like how hard wearing the packaging itself is. All of these have been getting carted around in my handbag at different times and nothing has broken or shattered. The same can't be said for a lot of my makeup that I regularly use. Big thumbs up from me.

Bit of a mixed review on this overall, but I had a great time trying out everything and making the makeup photos above. If you buy nothing else get the eyeshadow, or if thats breaking the bank a little the €2.99 eyeliner would be perfect for you! Once I get my hands on a lighter foundation I will make sure and post up some photos to Instagram!

You can get all these w7 products and more from Paul in the Cosmetic Outlet. See their Facebook page for more details. They post nation wide too, yay!

*I did not pay for these items, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.

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