Thursday 8 May 2014

New Seventeen Stay Pout

Dear people at Boots, please stop your 3 for 2 carry on. All I will do is buy things and I know thats your aim here, but seriously. I'm developing a problem. Seventeen has a new lipstick range out, Stay Pout and oh holy god its lovely. I spent easily 20 minutes painting the back of my hand with all the testers at the stand. Theres 15 different shades in the collection and I want them all, no joke.

The two I picked up are just to feckin' die for. A gorgeous dark pinky slight shimmer colour called It's A Kiss Off. And the second is the most perfect red called Date Night. I love both of them and know that I will wear the life out of the both of them. They are easy to apply, have surprisingly really great staying power and don't dry out my lips at all which is mind blowing considering I'm not expecting god-like quality from a drug store brand lip stick. All the same though, I always recommend a quick lip scrub and lip balm before throwing on any lipstick for the day. 

I love the sleek black packaging, it looks for fancy and expensive! But you can get each of these for less then a fiver at €4.79 a pop. What more could you ask for? Seventeen can just do no wrong with me. I know I'll be going back really soon to pick up a peachy shade that caught my eye while the 3 for 2 offer is still going on.  

Now don't ask me how the middle photo is bright but the other two are quite dark. Clearly the clouds were having great craic while I was trying to take photos, so please excuse me! I couldn't help the mock angry grr face in date night, its just such a great colour that screams personality and confidance. As you can see I have a great time with blog photos and can barely take anything serious. Not long after I fell over a pile of shoes too. No photographic evidence though. It was too sexy to go showing the internet.


  1. Lookin gawjus as per usual lovely!! I love seventeen as well, their lip stuff is fab.

  2. I've not tried this lippy but it looks fab on you, gorgeous colour xx