Wednesday 6 August 2014

July Favourites

Late favourites is late, yeah sorry about that. This past month I've found is hard to just sit down and write and its followed me over into August which is crappy. I'm going to try work on that! Anyway July was the month I reignited my love for my kindle after being asked to review books from NetGallery. Why I ever decided it didn't need to be glued to my hand is beyond me! I have so many books read and am going to pile up reviews for the odd occasion, as I'm aware not everyone is a book review kinda person.  However, if you are a book person, Nurse Fancy Pants is always great for a wide variety of must reads, as is the lovely Behind Green Eyes.  In short, I'd like all of the books, thankyouplease.

Next up is my much raved and loved bottle of almond shower gel from the Body Shop. Oh man this stuff is like sex in a bottle, its just gorgeous. Its on sale at the moment for a fiver so naturally I had to go back and get another bottle of it. It foams up so much and the scent lingers on your skin well after you've had a shower. I want everyone I love to have a bottle - if almond was their favourite scent that is! It makes me happy.

I've had La Roche-Posay thermal spring water spray in a favourites before, but this lad has been keeping me and the rest of the house cool in the recent heat wave that hit Ireland earlier in the month. Honest to god we were all melty yokes before I remembered I had this. Bonus points, I through it in the fridge for extra coolness. Its pricey at €4.99 for a 50ml bottle, but I really think its worth it. 

Another thing I can't get into the shower without recent is Garnier's ultimate blends 'the sleek restorer' 1 minute hair treatment for dry and frizzy hair. As some of you will know, I'm a mad one for dying my hair and treating it really poorly, so a quick slather of this every morning is working wonders. I've really noticed a big difference and my hair is much softer - a lot more then with other treatments or conditioners I've used. I think in future I'd pick this up instead of a regular conditioner, it seems to have more good soft hair making things packed into it. I got this half price along with the shampoo and they both smell lovely. But if your picking up just one hair product, get the 1 minute hair treatment. Soft kitty.

Over a year ago I blogged about Lush Ultrabalm thats a multitaking balm. (I'm not linking it as its cringe and the photo is woeful.. and the rest! Find it at your own peril.) You can use it on your lips, for chaffing, to mosturise those really sand paper knees or elbows, maybe even to take off your eye make up if your stuck like I have many a night. This does so much, its a wonder I have it as long as I do. As you can see mine is almost finished so I'm going to be getting it again soon. For over €11 its a pricey little pot, but I think its a proper gem. Plus this is my last Lush ban month, woo!

Lastly a total steal, my much loved Wet'n'Wild mega last balm stain in red. Its the most beautiful medium red not too dark but not too bright, just perfect! Its under €3 as far as I can remember, but double check as I think it could be under €2. It lasts really long, its not moisturising but at the same time I don't find that it drys out my lips, which is always a surprise for a cheap lip product. Its really easy to apply and I find myself not even looking in a mirror - perhaps ill advised! (can you say Cat the Clown!?) The one big downside is the lid, it never stays on and has ruined the inside of a bag. Boo. But all is forgiven, its just too lovely not to want to us all the time!

Have you loved any of these things too?


  1. I think I would have melted in the heat if I didn't have the La Roche-Posay and Vichy thermal sprays. Such a godsend! I've gone through about five of large ones.

    Will be in Lush in Cork over the weekend and am so tempted to add Ultrabalm to my shopping list.

    1. I've not come across the large ones actually, must look out for them as my little bottle is nearly gone :) Also delighted to hear it could be added to your Lush list! :D x

  2. Love your favourites Cat and thank you for the shout out! Please do more book reviews, there aren't enough Irish book bloggers! I also love the body shop almond shower gel- I love that whole range! Used to slather on the body butter of it until a fellow nurse looked at me with disgust and told me I smelt like a cake..I took it as a compliment, obviously! Love the ultimate blends too, great stuff! Need to get ultra balm and one of those balm stains- that's some serious pigmentation! And I obviously also love both my kindle and net galley- stuck to them both at the minute. I also have my thermal spray next to the bed! Amazing stuff! Sorry for the essay, I just agree wholeheartedly with your choices! xx

    1. N'awww, no I'm delighted to have an essay don't be sorry! Your most welcome for the shout out, may just be fangirling all over you, sorry for the drool.. lol! I'm glad we can agree on everything, I'd say if we raided each others showers/make up collections there would be a lot of positive oohhing and ahhing! I will do some more book reviews soon, thanks for the suggestion :) x