Wednesday 16 January 2013

Have You Heard Of Ultrabalm?

My well loved tin.
Ultrabalm. What can't it do? This is the magic stuff that got Snow White to wake up. Its what inspires Van Persie to score those amazing goals and what makes Four Star pizza taste so darn good! Well ok, it might not do all of that but really its not far off. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. 

This product is from a regular haunt of mine, Lush. They pride themselves on using fair trade and most of their products are vegan and organic. For around €10 you get a 45g tin pot of yellowy, paste-like lovely goodness. This is an all rounder balm, the only thing you need in your bag. Its a very unisex product too, which makes it great for anyone with skin! There is an endless list to what this can do. Use it as a hand cream, to help chaffing, to brighten up tattoos, use as lip balm, on dry skin on your elbows, heels and knees, even in your hair to tame those flyaways. Getting the idea? My all time favourite is treating my hands and feet when they are feeling a bit neglected and maybe dry or sore. Its also amazing on the sensitive flaking skin of a new tattoo.

And if that sounds good to you, then whats in it will seal the deal. It has organic jojoba oil and candelilla wax which is a vegan alternative to bees wax, and rose wax too. As they say, less is more. Its kind of an alternative to petroleum jelly but I think it smells way better, has a nicer texture and well, does more! You only need the tiniest amount, as it melts onto your skin and spreads out. Unlike other balms, this soaks into your skin in no time and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. My skin is quite sensitive and this has never reacted negatively in any way. I've had my now battered pot for over a year and still have a lot left. If I was going out with the bare essentials in my hand bag, then this would be top of the list. Top marks for the delightful people in Lush, making such a fab product! 

Have you ever tried Lush before?

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