Thursday 17 January 2013

NOTD: Essence Choose Me!

Lots of colours could be matched with this.
Just a quick nail of the day for you all. I can't get enough of this shade at the moment and have been reapplying non-stop. Its Essences Colour and Go range Choose Me! in number 38.

 Its a beautiful and full of glitter deep bluey green colour. You need 2 coats to make it really stand out and get about 3 days wear before it starts to chip. I always put a clear finishing coat on top just to try and make it last a bit longer. Its really easy to take off as well, no scrubbing required! Ignore the silver nail in the middle, I was trying out some of a friends collection and didn't bother to take it off. I think the colours go well together.

Essence is a cheap as chips brand that I have been buying from for ever. You can get yours in Boots, most chemists and Pennys (Primark.)  There are so many shades of nail varnish to choose from and for as little as €2 you would be mad not to try some of them out. I'm a big fan of their eye liner and finishing powder too. 
Candles and a messy basket of earrings!

Have you ever tried the Essence range?


  1. I clicked onto your blog because one of our mutual friends posted a link on Facebook, and... Well, I read for a while, waiting for the punchline. There was none.

  2. This post was about a nails of the day so I wouldn't have thought it was something I could use a punchline in. Perhaps I am not fully getting you. Better luck next time! :)