Monday 28 January 2013

Valentines Day Gifts For Her

It doesn't matter if its a first date or the 20th year you have been together, all girls love to be pampered and given something special. This could be a dinner out for the two of you or a romantic night in. So here are a few things and ideas for your lovely girl with a price range to suit everyone!

Find her favourite sent: I think it is safe to say all women love perfume and have at least 5 favourites! To help you out, why not ask a friend or family member which she likes the most? There a loads of gift sets you can get from perfume shops or in Boots.  YSL Parisienne Gift Set is about €32. Kylie Minogue's Darling Gift Set is a steal of just €12 according to there site and DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is about €42.

Be cheeky and have fun: Has she read the famous Fifty Shades of Grey book? Why not get her some joke toilet roll? I would laugh! Or if she is a reader then a little funny Don'ts For Wives Book will be sure to get you a bit of a sore head! And to go with a good book I always love a cuppa, this is too cheesy not to add in! The No Sugar Needed Cup! Ugh, I want one ha!

Its all about romance: How about a stay at home dinner cooked by you for the lovely lady? Find a few helpful things on the bbc food/recipes site as it has a great big A to Z and has measurements that I understand! You can make her favourite dishes, pick up some fancy deserts (or make them too!) and light some candles. That is sure to impress her! Dotcom gift shop do some beautiful little candles like these rose ones to set the mood or some lovely glass jars here and here

Careful how you go: A helpful hint for all out there, unless you know your girls tastes and sizes do not go and get her jewellery or clothes. You could end up spending money on something she wont wear or worse yet - you could get her dress size wrong. And depending on if its too big or too small, it might be your last valentines together! So ask one of her friends for help if you are set on getting her a special necklace or those earrings you think she would love. 

Do the cliche: Girls and guys make your lady happy with some chocolates, a teddy or even the classic rose. Its so overdone and bad its good. Go that extra mile and embarrass her (in a nice way!) with a heart or 'be my valentine' balloon.

Always remember: This a one day thing, don't have hang ups if its not perfect or your not buying your girl things that are overly priced anyway! If your spending the day together, lucky you. Watch a film online and make some popcorn. Write her a cheesy but personal love letter or poem. Send her a sweet text and tell her your thinking of her. Its always the thought that counts the most.  

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