Wednesday 16 October 2013

DIY Scary Halloween Candle Jars

The past week or so I have been getting majorly into the Halloween spirit (see what I did there? I know, I'm just too much!) I have put up all the decorations and pimped out my ears with spooky spider earrings. I just love this time of year! And one thing I love more is a bit of DIY with glue and glitter to keep the mind firmly in the toddler era - as being a fully grown woman its harder to make excuses when your washing glitter out of your hair for the next week...

But lets get onto how to make these really quick and simple spooky jars. They are really great to do with kids but don't let that put you off making them. Its nice to get a bit of down time do something just for you. So put on the kettle, spread on a face mask and lets get to work!

All you need for this quick and easy project is:

A clean jar
A paint brush
Black card
Coloured crepe paper
Ribbon (optional)
A tea light or small candle 

Day time look
1. First your going to cut or rip up pieces of your crepe paper - enough to cover your whole jar. Orange, black and white were the colours I used to make pumpkins, a ghost and a bat. 

2. Once you have that done, pour some of your glue onto a plate and start to paint it onto the pieces then sticking them to the jar. Do this all around the jar making sure theres no gaps left.

3. Now the 'hard' part - leave it to dry. Go pour out that cup of tea! I left my jars for a full day to make sure they were super dry. But if your in a rush you can do the next step straight after.

4. Use your black paper to cut shapes for eyes, noses and mouths in whatever expression you want them. For my ghost I did very easy 'U' shapes for the eyes and a circle for the mouth. Once your happy with it, go ahead and glue them on.

5. To finish off my jars I added little ribbons that I thought matched each jar. I especially love the green ribbons on my pumpkin jars as they remind me of the stalks. Then pop in a tea light and your all done. 

Lit up at night
I hope some of you will make these as they are so fun and easy to do. Not only that but its a great way to recycle some of your old jars. I have a feeling the house will soon be coming down with all the ones I want to make! 

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