Friday 11 October 2013

Lush Soot Ball Halloween Limited Edition Bath Bomb

The minute I saw this online I knew I had to go grab it before they were all gone. This little soot ball reminds me of the soot gremlins in Spirited Away by Studio Ghibli. I love this film and I love how this bath bomb looks!

This is a limited edition Halloween special along with two other Halloween pieces. I have to say I was a bit disappointed Lush didn't bring out a bigger range this year and its not clear to see them in the shops when you walk in either, Christmas gift sets and products have taken over instead.

 Soot is filled with shea and cocoa butter, frankincense, sandalwood and the burnt caramel sent of tonka absolute giving it a sweet yet spicy sent that will fill your bathroom once it is all dissolved in the water. It really smells lovely and warm, something you can't wait to sink into and relax. The only down side to this bath bomb is that there aren't a huge amount of bubbles, which I always like my baths to have. But it does make up for it in how moisturizing the bath water is.

Despite Lush's best efforts, the bath water does not go a golden colour but instead a shiny brown as the gold and black mix together. Look at the pictures below to understand what I'm talking about. Now some people will find this disappointing or even unappealing to get into, but for me I thought it was fun. My mind tends to run away with itself and as its nearly Halloween I was imagining all sorts of reasons as to why I had to bathe in this funny coloured water. I decided in the end that it was to find the Loch Ness Monster because only a pair of eyes were to be found at the end of this adventure. (I know, mind of a three year old over here. But it was fun!) I came away relaxed, softer skinned and smelling a bit Wintery if thats at all possible. Oh and some people have been a bit ifie over comments being made about this bath bomb. No it does not stain your skin and no it does not stain your bath. Theres no scrubbing involved when you get out of the bath I promise!

When I went into the bathroom to turn on the water this is what I was met with. A Dodie cat in the bath! I think she was looking for spider dinner as she often does. Shes doing her best 'I'm not doing a thing! I'm being really good' face. 

You can win your very own Soot Ball to try and love in my Halloween giveaway. Have you entered yet? This month is flying, do it soon!

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