Monday 14 October 2013

Things I've Used Up #2

If you've just popped by, hey lovely of you to come take a look at my blog. I did a #1 post last month, over here. I just love reading empties posts, I can't help but be nosy!

So way back at the start of this year I got to know Fragrance Direct quite well and ordered the famous Macadamia Oil shampoo while it was cheap because its not normally something I would ever be able to fork out for. I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money, I honestly couldn't see any difference in my hair and the shampoo was difficult to get a good lather in my hair. Ok, its colour safe, sulfate free and paraben free which are all great, but this just isn't for me.

A quick sniff of this empty pot and I'm wishing I still had some left! I did a big review of Soap and Glory's Scrub em and Leave em over here. While on the topic of reviews, I also did a review of Love Lettuce too. I can not wait for my next visit to Lush to repurchase this stuff or maybe pick up a different one and try them all! Amazing on the skin.

When the blogs of the world went a bit crazy for texturising sea salt sprays, I had to see what they were all about and picked up Aussie dual personality aussome texturising and conditioning gel spray. I am a big Aussie fan and found this to be a lovely treat for my hair, giving it a bit of volume and lots of texture to play around with and style my hair. Thumbs up all the way, it even wins on the smell. I'll be picking this up again.

Bit odd but I repurched my Vitamin C tablets. Winters rolling in fast and I am so prone to getting colds! By taking one of these everyday I am helping my body that extra little bit to keep me well. Have you sorted your vitamins? You can get these in Boots, Tesco or even your local garage!

Yet another shampoo, this time its Fruit Essence by Boots. This one is called goodbye dry ends for mid to long hair. I regularly buy these from Boots, they remind me a lot of Herbal Essences as they smell just as nice but for half the price - oh would you look at that poetry! For under €2 you can pick up one of these and they all have matching conditioners too. Bargain!

Lastly my Natural Collection pressed powder in cool. This is a permanent product in my make up bag and I have already repurchased tow more of these. Works well, keeps eveything in place and cheap too. What more could you ask for. Loads of my family and friends love this particular product, its fab!

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