Saturday 16 November 2013

Model Co FluidSplash 3 in 1 Foundation

This afternoon I have a new foundation that I have been using for about a month now. Model Co FluidSplash 3 in 1 foundation* in 01 Sand. Now isn't that a mouth full? I have never used this brand before and was really interested to have a go of it, after all I'm a big fan of foundations and concealers, buying them as if there going out of fashion!

To start with would you look at the lovely packaging, its so feminine and eye catching, love it! The product is a 3 in 1, foundation, concealer and eye primer. Not bad for a little tube and very handy if your traveling light. It has a screw off lid that also holds the concealer/eye primer in the bottom. This is a medium coverage for me, as I tend to need a cement mixer of concealer first and without it I wouldn't be fit to be seen in public! The consistency is light and easy to apply, not drying faster then you can rub it in too, which is a big bonus in my book. The concealer is also easy to use but I would only use it on small blemishes or over redness as its not something you can use on those in-your-face huge spots and blemishes.

This is a long lasting coverage foundation and also has a SPF 15+ to add to the list, along with it being oil free and allergy tested. To get technical it is 'Enriched with the hydrating properties of Vitamin E and C, FLUIDSPLASH leaves your skin looking naturally radiant. The inbulit concealer and eye base contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that work to banish blemishes and imperfections.'

One of the downsides has to be that the product is scented in a kind of sickeningly sweet rose smell that can be overpowering the first few times you use it and off putting. But I don't really notice the smell anymore as I've been using it almost daily now. Another downside would have to be the pocket pinching price of €45 of a 35ml bottle. This is a more high end foundation and I would be used to paying no more then €12 for my regular Maybelline or Rimmel stuff. A bit much for my price range and I'm not sure I'd be buying it myself considering I could get more for my money with drug store bands instead. 

If I was kinder to my skin this is the sort of foundation I would be reaching for non stop. My skin is sensitive and oily so the fact that it is soft, kind and oil free is a must have for anyone with skin similar to mine. Overall a big 8 out of 10 from me!

Hope you are keeping warm this cold weekend and having a great relaxing one. Stay fab!

*I did not pay for this item, please see my disclaimer here.


  1. This sounds lovely, my skin is really oily too so I think it would be great for me. Shame it's so pricey! Great review, though :)

    Jess xo

    1. It really is a treat for your skin! But yes, forking out for that would mean birthday money or a Christmas present! Thank you very much! :) x