Monday 11 November 2013

Repost: Hair Dying The Wrong Way By Some Pretentious Name

This post is a little different. Its a very special repost  from one of my very best friends. She has just started blogging at Some Pretentious Name and I am pleased to say that I don't have to be a good friend and lie - its actually a funny and interesting read that I really enjoy. Go you girl ;) We decided to dye my hair and this is a repost of hers. Enjoy! 

Dear Barren Recess,

I have dyed my hair. Many, many times. My hair is basically a chameleon attached to my head.

You would think that after the 18 odd time I have dyed my hair, I would have learned the various tricks of the trade. I really..really wish I had. That way, when friends of mine (Such as the Big Blonde Girl) come over and ask me to do their hair for them, assuming I have absolute expertise, I could actually make their hair into something that does not resemble a troll. As it is, I shall just have to settle with laughing at their now misshapen tufts of hair.
Clearly they haven't got the message yet, because Big Blonde Girl asked my to dye the ends of her hair pink and blue.
Here is our attempt to make it work.(My incredibly short attention span led me to forget to take pictures of anything but the bleaching). Beware, boring post ahead.

So this is what her hair looked like before. She had dyed it before at Halloween, the same pink and blue again , but she her hair was dark brown at the ends so it didn't take properly, specifically the blue. If your hair is not light enough, blue will often turn a kind of swampy green, which I am guessing is not what you had in mind if you are using blue dye.

We used Jerome Russell high lift bleach powder and maximum lift cream peroxide, and mixed it all up together.

When making this mixture, it should be a thick bright blue paste. The bleach powder is very important, because it makes it go more of a yellow/blonde, whereas the cream peroxide alone will go bright orange (However, if your hair is dark, or previously dyed a dark colour, it will go orange anyway).Then just kinda coat it onto the ends of the hair, making sure you get everything. Make sure to get the same distance from the bottom of the hair at all sides, cause otherwise it just looks weird. Unless that's what you're going for, in which case more power to yah.

Here is a picture of her hair about 2/3s of the way done. If you are doing this on your own, separate your hair into right and left sections and have them hanging down by your face for easy access.
We then turned wrapped tinfoil around the bleached bits and left it in for 40 minutes. Then we washed all of the bleach out, and sat her down again. 
For doing a two tone dip dye we used Crazy Colour hair dye in Bubblegum Blue and Candy Floss. The best option is probably putting the bottom colour in , letting it sit, washing it out and adding in the second colour. But I was lazy, so we just popped them both in together and washed them out after another 30 minutes. Or we would have, but she fell asleep, so it was more like 2 hours. 

As a result, we wound up with shades of blue, green, purple and pink. The peroxide didn't work as well as we hoped it would, probably because it wasn't left in long enough.

And here we have the finished result the next day! Personally, though it didn't turn out as well as I hoped it would, I don't think it was all that bad! Though it looks quite different here then it does in actuality. Maybe the camera just shows you what you want to see rather then what is actually there. But if that was the case, than why does it still show me when I take pictures of myself? Curiouser and curioser?

I shall now end this post, my darling Barren Recess. I am sorry that it was the most boring post in a series of boring posts. I shall promise that I will try to be better.


I'm really pleased with how my hair turned out! Thanks S x Go check out more of this girls fab writing over here.

All pictures copyright of SomePretentiousName

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