Friday 8 November 2013

Stupidly Big Pennys, Boots And Lush Haul

I know right? I have nothing to say, I can only declare that it wasn't my fault and eh.. The fact that I have come to hide Boots and Pennys under my bed in shame means something is seriously wrong, that or I'm just cleaning the lazy way. Yeah? Now just to clear it up before you think I've money coming out my ears, I bought these things over time and just haven't done a haul on them so there getting all squashed together into one. I have a few fashion bits that I've picked up too but will do another post on those so you can see them better. So, here we go!

First lets start in the cheap and cheerful Pennys. From L-R, a purple owl mug I got as a Christmas present (the seasons started!) for my sister €2 (you can't go wrong!) before you think I'm uber mean, I have forked out a lot more for her but it's nice to have a few other bits to open on the day. / Also some lovely coloured ribbons for €2.50 / €6 batttery operated lights that you can see all lit up in the next photo. So in love with them! Might get a few more sets.. 

Then in another visit a while ago I got €1.50 tweezers / €3.75(?) Cartrice camouflage concealer in ivory that I'm dying to try out / a pair of black leggings / a €1.50 sticky flint roller with an extra roll. The floral pattern is so cute and the added bonus of a plastic holder so the sticky part isn't ruined. Handy or what?

Now Boots thats again L-R, I should have shares in this shop by now. It was 3 for 2 on make up so I got a repurchase of 17 Phwoarr Paint eye concealer in fair €6.99 / 17 Miracle Matte pressed powder in Ivory €6.09 / 17 Supreme Shine in pinking shear €5.09 / I also got a buy one get one free Pantene ProV shampoo and conditioner €4.79 for my mom / Lastly I picked up a repurchase of Jerome Russel Bblonde lift cream peroxide and a cheap as chips Nivea roll on deodorant for €1.49.

I also got a repurchase of Boots own brand cotton pads that I use all the time, they are buy one get one half price / Collection hot looks in shimmey shake €4.99 /Picked up a buy one get one free on Impluse white musk - can't remember the price / Jerome Russel Bblonde powder bleach that was like €6 / a few handy hand wipes €1.75(?) / a bottle of nail varnish remover as mines not that good and I wanted something else to try that was less then €3. 

Lastly I picked up an amazing offer in Tesco. A box of Cadburys milk tray for only €4. I went into SuperValue later and saw the same box for €11, super buy!! / My three favourite buys from the day that I can't wait to use! / Umhumm, Lush shopping again! This time I picked up 2 of their Christmas things, bath melt star light, star bright €4.50, a bubble bar of Christmas penguin €3.85 and a chunk of rock star soap €8.23 for Stephen who loves using it. I was also given some samples of celebrate body lotion. / Lastly 2 magazines for €2 each - reading bargain of the year!  

So yeah, stupidly big haul but I didn't want to do loads one after the other as thats just a boring and repetitive reading! Hope everyone is keeping happy and well. Stay fab x

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