Sunday 24 November 2013

NOTD: Maybelline Color Show Brocades Knitted Gold

I don't own a huge collection of nail varnishes, but those that I do I always wear loads and love them like they are a limb. And the past few months writing a blog has given me an excuse to buy and try out more and more, oh bold girl that I am! One thing I'm not a massive fan of is glitter, but when I saw this online I knew it had to be mine. The new Maybelline Color Show Brocades has 10 new beautiful glitter shades that I want all of. Like every single one, thankyouplease! They look nice on Maybellines online store, but seeing them in person when I was in Boots was a major treat for the eyeballs. 

Knitted gold has a gold shimmer base with thousands of bigger and tiny rose gold/pink pieces of glitter that aren't really circles, more like a hexagon shape but I can't really count the sides properly a they are so small. But just wow. Who doesn't need a bit of sparkle in their lives? And especially as the party season is now upon us and not everyone (me) wants to deck themselves out in a eye catching dress or glittery pair of heels. 

I went off outside in the natural light to show you all how divine this nail varnish is. Pretty, no? But besides how fab it looks, its a pain in the backside to keep on. The Maybelline site claims that this is a chip-resistant nail polish. Lads they are having me on, chip-resistant my... Umhum, well besides that, its just really annoying. After only a day it comes off in big chunks. I put two lovely coats on last night, then after having a shower and putting on my tights the next morning it looked just dreadful, take a look at the picture below. Devastated. 

I've been wearing this about a week, reapplying it loads. Applying it is fine, the nail varnish has a normal decent brush for application that causes no hassle and after two coats your ready to hit the town. But you need patience and a good nail varnish remover to get this off. Its a well known fact that glitter nail varnish is harder to scrub off then normal polish, but man its a pain when your in a hurry and you end up frantically picking and chipping away at your nails (we've all done it don't lie and look so shocked). 

 Overall I love this so much while also hating how bad it is for chipping quickly after only just putting it on. Why cruel world, why? Despite all the negatives, I will be picking up one or two other shades in the Color Show Brocades as they've all stolen my little heart and at €5.95 they wont break the bank. 

On another note spelling colour as 'color' for this entire post nearly sent me mad!

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