Wednesday 10 September 2014

August Favourites

So I'm a little late with this, but sure feck it. September is my birthday month so anything that goes wrong or I'm too lazy to do I'm blaming old age on. August seemed to come and go, but for the life of me I can't think of anything exciting to report back about. It was the month of much driving to Tesco for olives and car picnics. Being left alone for a week and everyone being shocked when they got home - the house was still standing. Games of D&D. And of course, much sex. (On that note, look out for all the reviews!) 

First off I've been using Niveas micellar water. I went off on a rampage of buying eye make up removers and micellar waters like they were going out of fashion, just to see what all the fuss was about. I was certain that one would stand out and all the rest would be obsolete if I tested them all. But I've come to the conclusion that they are all mostly the same, with only the prices and packaging being what would make me fork out for a bottle again. I like micellar waters, they are the lazy persons dream, but I'm not loyal or excited by just one brand. Ever get a product like that? This particular one was on offer in Boots and is a handy size to throw into an overnight bag.However the value for money seems to be Garniers version, with 400mls for 3 quid something - depending on where you buy it from. 

A new love of mine is Penneys own brand P.S blender sponge. Real Techniques has their own version and people went wild for it. Theres a lot of other big American make up brands that I've seen bring out similar things too. But for the likes of a Real Techniques one, its going to set you back almost €6 which is a little mad for a piece of sponge. But Penneys has a cute little pink one for only €1.50, more my kinda thing! Since picking up my first one at the beginning of the month I have gone back for 3 more. They blend foundation in perfectly, any concealer works into the tiny hard to reach places on your face like a dream. One end is big and flatter for all over coverage, with the other end being smaller and more pointed for the smaller corners. Puurrrfff.  

August has been the month of all the nail varnishes. I couldn't walk out of the house without coming home with at least one little pot. I'm not sure why, as nail varnish isn't normally my weakness, but there you go. When I was passing by the stand in Boots, I coulsn't help but pick up Collection's work the colour in scorched copper. I've worn it loads and its the perfect autumn shade, its not too dark and the burnt orange has a slight shimmer in it too. All for €2, you can't go wrong.

And with nail varnish comes the tedious job of getting the stuff off. I've had Bourjois 1 seconds nail varnish remover for a while now and have never mentioned it on the blog. For whatever reason I have no clue as its the bees knees. Dip your finger in, give it a twist and nearly all your varnish will have come off. It smells horrible when the remover is wet on your finger, but once it drys it smells sweet. Always a plus of not almost choking on the fumes. 

A shop I don't normally venture into often is the Body Shop but last month I popped in for the craic and came away with a few bits. One of them was this tea tree oil facial wash mini that was €2 at the till - they always get you there! I couldn't say no to it and I've been using it in the shower most days along with a few others I swap around. I really like this one, it smells lovely, wakes you up and theres always the plus that tea tree oil helps with spots and blemishes. I'm not in love with the gel like consistency but I get over that quick enough once the water hits it and it foams up a little. Surprisingly enough for the amount I've used this its lasting a really long time considering how small the bottle is. You need a pea size for your entire face and I always feel fancy faced after using it. (Its totally a thing. Honest.)

Lastly these lovely orange pumps that my bestest friend bought for me one day in Penneys after I limented my sad story of hunting high and low for The Prefect Orange Pumps. For many years I had a pair and they were only fit for the bin, but now I have these shiny new ones with lovely gold buckle and bow detailing. Oh by still my beating heart! They are still on the shelves for €8 if anyone fancys them. They are in a few more colours too, but I can trust everyone will find orange the best ones, cos' everyone knows orange is the best footwear colour ever. 

What do you think of monthly favourite posts?

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