Sunday 28 September 2014

Hello: Mouth Wash Just Got Sexy

You all might think I've lost the run of myself blogging about mouth wash, but lads you've got to hear me out. I originally wasn't going to, but it makes for a fun little change in the program, wont you agree? A load of beauty bloggers were invited to a 'secret bloggers event' and everyone was excited for it, myself included. The last thing a group of make up lovers were expecting was a mouth wash party, but there you go. Its all glitter and high living for us gals. Despite the very cheeky PR bending the truth, the night was great. I talked the hind legs off a load of blogger friends and the suits behind Hello mouth was too. They themed the evening well though, with even the drinks list (below) being the same colours as the products.

If I'm honest I had to have a little google to refresh the memory of this. On the night I got to talk to the creator of Hello, Craig Dubitsky - hes a really funny and warm fella. We talked more about sex and Bulmers then the product itself, but I did stick my straw in one of the mouth washes and had a good half a bottle. I promise the only let down in the Mojito one is the lack of actual alcohol. These come in three flavours and three mini mouth sprays. I tried them all (drank them all) out and the Mojito is my far my favourite of the lot. Although the pink grapefruit packs a punch too. I'm not taken with the blue spearmint , but thats just my taste. I'm not sure if it really does much for my teeth and gums, but it does leave my mouth tasting fresh, if slightly mojito..y.

They are a little different from whats on the shelves at the moment (yes, even mouth wash can be different from others on the market, who knew!) as they don't test on animals, are alcohol free, sweetener free and artificial colours free. They have no dyes in them and the entire packaging can be recycled. I'll admit, I'm not well informed enough on mouth washes to know what brands test on animals or have all these 'bad' ingredients in them, but I know from going to the dentist recently that its hard to get a mouthwash on the Irish market that doesn't contain alcohol. Its meant to be bad for your teeth and gums, but don't try telling me that on a Saturday night. 

So enough of what it does, lets get beauty blogger on this and talk packaging. This is one of the sexiest mouth washes I've seen - something I never thought I'd utter. First time for everything as they say! The mouth wash and the spray come in colourful, eye catching shades and they both look different from similar products on the market. And lets face it, they kind of look like sex toys if you were to just glance at them and not inspect further. I'm not the only one with this opinion either, there was much talk about it with the other bloggers at the event night. The one thing I really don't like about the bottle is that the lid isn't secure. I might just have a dud but I have to make sure that it stays standing up or it will leak. *looks over at wet patch on the couch*.

Hello is quite the cult product, or so thats what they say. Theres a list of famous celebrities who supposedly use it and love it, if you follow that sort of thing. After having a look at a lot of the online shops that stock it, there are lots of mixed reviews from the public. I think like anything, some will love it and some will hate it. There is also toothpaste from this line which you can only seem to get in the US. They are now available in Ireland from McCabes and Sam McCaluleys chemists, with the mouth wash retailing at €7.50 and the sprays at €4.75. I can only find two beauty blogs that have reviews of Hello, and one is from an Irish blogger who was also at the event. It will be interesting to see if this product actually takes off in Ireland or if everyone will think it a bit gimmicky. 

Would I have bought it? No, I'm not a big mouth wash kinda gal. I like my tooth paste and lots of it. And the price is a little bit mad. But I know a staggering number of people who would buy this, for the packaging alone. I'm going to keep an eye out for the mojito flavoured spray as it will be handy for my handbag and a little sneaky taste of one of my favourite drinks, minus the not being able to drive after a glass!

Do you think you'd buy Hello?

*I did not pay for this item, it was a PR gift.  Please see my disclaimer here.

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