Tuesday 10 February 2015

January Favourites

January was a really bad month for good day time light. I know that its still considered winter, I'm not looking for miracles but I still give out no end about the crap quality of my blog photos. I can't wait for the summer light to come back! Netflix, melons and trips to Lush for 50% off Christmas stock featured heavily in January. After watching all of House of Cards, I can't wait for the 26th of February to see season 3, its addictive! Same goes for The Good Wife, I know season 6 is currently airing, but I want to wait and binge watch it. 

In other news, I am a massive comic fan and all things Marvel. I set my sights on this gorgeous Iron Patriot from Iron Man, one of my favourite films. He now stands on my book case with my other super hero figures. (Pauses for moment to admire him and pat myself on the back.)

Three bottles next, all things that I have a love hate relationship with. First is the amazing smelling Soap&Glory Super Tonic in the fragrance in Orangeasm. Its one of their newer scents and I use the body wash most days in the shower. My one issue with this is that the scent doesn't linger very long and I don't use it as much because of it. I don't like lugging the bottle around with me if I'm out so only on days when I'm home do I use it. Oh well, its still lovely!

Next is the new make up brush cleaner from Penneys that anyone and everyone is talking about. I've never used one of these before, instead just going straight to cleaning them, so I have nothing else to compare it to. But considering its only €2.50, I couldn't not pick it up. Theres been a lot of mixed reactions from people over it, but I find it great. I don't use it on my bigger brushes, but it cleans my eyeshadow brushes really well. Again, my one issue with it is that it gives off a very strong sweet smell. Not something thats a problem in the over all use of the brush, but I'm not a fan of feeling sick if a brush happens to pass my nose. I still prefer deep cleaning them, but for spot cleaning or being lazy, this is great. 

Lastly in the list of bottles is my Human+Kind family remedy cream. This is meant to be used for anything and everything that happens to skin. So with the long list, I've been using it for my contact dermatitis and eczema  with great success. Applying it about 3 times daily and things clear up within 3 or 4 days. But its very pricey and because of that, I'm careful with how much I use. When I got this bottle I noticed that it was only half filled, missing a lot of product. But as I needed to use it right away, I didn't send it back or complain to Cloud10Beauty where I bought it. Kind of a round about let down! 

After lots of make up in December, its all about the minimal face this month. I've been using Lush sweet lips lip scrub to exfoliate with and then putting on a layer of Carmex in cherry after it. I've never had better feeling lips then in the month of January!

Next is another Soap&Glory product, Thick&Fast mascara. I got it in a gift set at Christmas and decided to have a quick go of it one day, to find that it gave me lovely day time light lashes. The applicator is great and it does a really wonderful job of separating my lashes out. Big thumbs up with this one, I'd say it will be popping up a lot this year.

Lastly is a random tiny bottle of hair oil that I got ages ago in one of the beauty boxes. I used it when I first got it, but then I gave up on it. But I've noticed the past while that my hair needed a bit of extra love, so this has been really great for it. I've been on Boots having a look at different hair oils as I'm just out of this bottle, so I'll be picking something up soon. Maybe I'll do a review if its as good.


  1. I have that S&G tonic as well, it's very pretty! Must try the Penneys brush cleaner!

    1. You are right, totally forgot to mention how pretty it is without even having a sniff first! :) x

  2. ah..I see, I would prefer a model of Robert Downey junior tbh! I must try some soap,and glory products.. xx

    1. Lol Dawn your just gas! Oh do, you wont regret it. Soap&Glory is such a lovely brand :) x