Wednesday 11 February 2015

Lush Valentines Day Bubble Bars

Its no secret that I'm a massive Lush fan and one of my favourite things from them is their bubble bars. Oh mammy, when I see that there are new bubble bars for me to get my hands on, I really can't help myself! Two of the limited edition bubble bars that have popped up this year are the Unicorn Horn and Heart throb. These are the two that really caught my eye, but there are some of lovely things on offer. I have my eye on some prince charming shower gel too.

Theres a third bubble bar in a heart shape called Lonely Heart for €4.50, but its not as good value as the almost two-in-one Heart throb thats also €4.50. In the middle, much like a macaroon theres a layer of gold glitter and I pull apart the two heart sides to save for future baths. Normally I spend a good 10 minutes cleaning glitter out of the bath after using something from Lush, but for some reason after using Heart Throb that wasn't the case.  With vanilla, geraniam oil, shea butter with a lovely sweet floral scent, it makes all the bubbles with just a little piece and makes you silky soft.

The Unicorn Horn has got everyones attention this year and the girl in Lush was saying that it makes the best colours when put in the bath. But after using it, I thought it was a bit of a let sown for the price and hype.  Unicorn Horn has lavender, neroil and ylang ylang oil to name a few. It also gives off a shimmer in the water an the confetti type stars stuck into the sides are really cool. This smells just as lovely as the other bubble bar, but I think Heart Throb is the best one to go for if you only fancy forking out for one as they are the same price.

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