Wednesday 25 February 2015

Lush Mothers Day Haul

Special days and occasions means theres a new range in Lush! This is some of the mothers day limited edition products that are out and I'm really excited about some of them. I went in a week or two ago and picked up some bits, but had to go back in and pick up more when I was handing in my 5 empty black pots in exchange for a fresh face mask (oh how I love doing that!). I've had a go of everything so this is a show and tell, mini review of the bits above. 

First up is the massive rose bombshell bath bomb. It smells lovely and has rose wood, Turkish rose oils, orange flower and bits of actual rose petals stuffed into it, so you have things floating around the bath with you. This is a really nice bath bomb, but I think it might have been the size of it and novelty of not having used one in ages that has me bias here. I didn't think it was too nourishing or moisturising like some of the Lush bath products are, but the lingering rose scent on my skin after made up for it. This is €4.50 and although I don't think I'll be picking this one up for myself again, its one that I'll be getting for the mammy as I know this is something she would love.

Bubblegrub is meant to be a cute little fella with eyes and antenna but the one ones they had in the shop looked much like my scary one above. He would be better for the Lush Halloween collection looking like that! None the less, bubbleroons and bubble bars are my number one favourite things to get, so I had to pick up the half battered guy. I cut him in two (what a dreadful end, I know) and got a lovely bubbly bath out of my first half. This isn't the type of scent I'd normally go for as its an earthy smell of sandalwood, vetivert and some softening shea butter in it. I wasn't a fan of the colour it turned the water either, a kind of brown yellowy murky shade. I know loads of people will love this one, but for €3.75 I'll spend it on something else instead.

Now onto the things that really tickled my pickle. Yummy mummy is a shower gel that smells like Jesus in a bottle as I described it to himself when I suggested he buy some and save it for my birthday - its that lovely! Floral with orange oil, lilac, geranium oil and tonka absolute its one that you will either love or hate. Personally I'm all about the sweet floral smelling purple things. This little bottle is what makes showers long and all the hot water disappear. Really recommend giving this a sniff if your passing a Lush shop and like sweet smells. This same scent also come in the yummy mummy body conditioner  which is super moisturising and divine, but pricey at €24 (- If I can remember the price right!) I doubt I'll pick it up, but for the 100g bottle of the shower gel at €5.95, I think more is needed in my life.

Lastly here is the cute looking rose bubble bar. This one is right up my street and smells as good as it looks. It has Turkish rose absolute, fair trade cocoa butter and rose hip oil packed inside this tiny swirly rose. The one bone I have to pick with this is the size. Its so small and makes lots of lovely bubbles and leaves skin so soft after, but its pricey at €3.75. I think if it was a little cheaper I'd be a happier bunny. 

Theres two other bubble bars, a bath bomb and a soap in this years collection. I'm going to naturally be back into Lush in the near future to have a poke at the rest of the range and maybe pick up a few more things. I had a sniff of the mother superior bubble bar and it smells lovely but reminds me a little of my all time favourite dorthy bubble bar. Maybe a comparison post will go up on twitter or instagram, keep the eyeballs open for it!

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