Monday 16 November 2015

Seventeen: Easy On The Eye

There was a great buzz around Seventeen recently when some new eye and lip palettes were launched and the world and its wife had to have one to try out. I held back for a few weeks, not really bothered by the mad rush for one, but knowing how good Seventeen was, I had no doubt that the quality would be amazing. And I was right! Theres nothing that I don't really love about this, and even before you finish reading this, I'd run out like a loon (or sophisticated person) and buy one. 

I've also taken a fair few photos of this to try and show the shades in the changing light. Just in case anyone is wondering why in gods name some of the lighting looks so different, it was just an overcast and cloudy day! However the one time that it was beautifully bright was when I went to take photos of the swatches. You can't ask for better then that!

The palette itself is plain, but sturdy none the less. It houses 8 matte, shimmer and pearl shadows, 3 metallic creams and 1 eye primer. All of them are utterly gorgeous and the pigmentation is brilliant and they are all great to build on. I'm also really impressed by the minimal fall out - and thats with really packing on the product. For €10.99 I think its a feckin' bargain! They also have another palette that has warmer tones with purples galore. I didn't think twice before choosing one though, as the light nudes and shimmery browns are my most loved and go to colours.

Above from L-R light nude, a darker shimmer, a lighter pearl and one metallic shade. 

It comes with a lovely big mirror and a double ended brush too, although I've not been a fan of those little awful brushes for years. If thats not enough, when you buy your palette you also get a how to hints and tips leaflet. It doubles as a voucher that gets you €3 off one of Seventeens mascaras. (which I will totally be using some time soon!) 

Another thing that I noticed was that some of the shades were similar to the Naked 3 palette. Some of the pink tones and also the darkest red-brown from the palette really stood out and I knew that I had something in my collection that was a lot more expensive, but almost equally the same shade. Obviously not all the shades are the same, but I think if your on a budget and love the looks that the Naked 3 can create, then maybe give it a go. It would also make a really gorgeous Christmas pressie for any make up lover!

Boots has Seventeen on offer at the moment, along with all of their make up in the 3 for 2 offer, so you might need to pick it up for the extra bargain!

Thursday 5 November 2015

The New Lush Face Masks

 If you follow me over on Instagram (where I basically just live!) then you'll have seen that I was at a Lush event recently. While I was there I got to poke and prod at all their lovely new products and launches - which is a serious amount of stuff let me just tell you that. I'll have a Christmas product post coming up soon, so do look out for that. But for now I want to, no wait, need to tell you about the two new editions to their selection of fresh face masks on offer. I'll admit, I only ever pick up a Lush face mask when I'm bringing back my 5 empty black pots. But once these two are finished I will genuinely be back to buy some, they've upped the Lush game!

First is the bright and beautiful blue Don't Look At Me. This is perfect for those who want to exfoliate away dead skin and get smoother, softer results. This surprised me as it smells and feels like some of the Lush Rub Rub Rub body scrub with sea salt, but its actually little bits of ground rice in there! It drys really well which is another thing that I was concerned about, as they are little chunks and I thought they might end up falling off if I wasn't careful. It contains murumura butter, grapefruit oil, tofu and Tunisian neroli. This is also meant to brighten skin as it contains lemon juice.

Highly recommend this one for those who like to exfoliate often or for someone who wants brighter and softer skin. I really enjoy using it and it also smells really pleasing - I wont mention here, that one certain garlic face mask that makes me want to be sick!

However, my most favourite out of the two has to be the utterly gorgeous Rosey Cheeks. From the smell to the texture of this, there is nothing that I don't love. If your a fan of the Lush body conditioner, Ros Argan, then you will think this stuff is the bees knees. With Turkish rose oil and fresh rose petal infusion being the main scent, theres also kaolin and calamine packed into the little pot. 

If your skin suffers with uneven skin tone or general oily patches then this will calm and sooth it, to leave you with a fresh matte complexion. I think everyone needs one of these in their collections, especially with the colder winter season thats come recently. Its perfect after being out in hash wind or if its a bit nippy. And remember, if you collect and clean 5 black Lush pots, bring them back to the shop and you'll get a free face mask!

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Autumn Penneys Haul

I was in desperate need of a few new warm jumpers and things from Penneys and the other weekend I wondering in and went a bit mad. Now since then I've gone back in and I picked up a few more things (isn't that always the way?) so you can see that little haul over on my Instagram here. But the first time that I went in I couldn't help but pick up a few basic string tops above. There only €2.50 each so I always love picking up some when I'm passing them. I also saw this black Boo! clutch bag a few weeks ago and found it in a reduced section from €8 down to €3. Couldn't help but pick it up!

Next is a gorgeous structured dark pink hand bag that I've had my eye on for a while. It comes in loads of other colours and I'm very tempted to pick up a black one as it was €12. Its great to have a big bag that you can put the kitchen sink in again!

I also got this gorgeous light sequins cardi that is great for the sparkly season thats upon us. It was a little pricey at €18 but its actually really warm and I know I'm going to get lots of use from it. It also comes in a jumper form and two other darker colours if you fancy one. 

This is another cardi that really pleases me. It was also about €18 but its a lovely big chunky knit with short bat sleeves, a big collar and is so comfy. I'd recommend giving this one a look if you were passing, I know its one that I'm going to regret in a few years not picking up a second I love it that much! And also its a really nice colour that I'm seeing a lot this year.

This one is another basic mid sleeved round neck top for €8 but its made with such soft material that I picked up another in a dark red since. Its not very structured so its a comfy baggy fit and goes really well with the mustard cardi above. 

 I recently got a new bed from Ikea and wanted to get some lights to put on the headboard. Penneys is stocking so many different kinds of lights this year and when I was at the till I saw these 40 clear fairy lights for only €3 - so naturally I had to pick them up! Below is a photo of them in action.

And lastly more basic bits that I needed to pick up. Two purple knickers (these fit so well!) for €2, a black pair of leggings for €4, a handy little make up sponge that was only €1.50 and a lovely new Wet'n'Wild lipstick that was less then €3.

Sorry about the utter crappy quality of the photos above, they were all taken on my phone and in dull light that was fast going. If you want to see any of the above in better quality I've been posting a lot on Instagram and most of them are all shown. So take a gander over here!