About Me

Hello There Everyone!! 

My name is Cat but I go by BigBlondeGirl. I'm from Dublin in tiny Ireland- the place to be!

To begin I was all ..''I started this blog as a new years resolution to myself to become more familiar with the internets/blogger community, to be a social person and to learn how to use things like editing photos!'' Since starting up I've done just that, this little blog has become my refuge to rant about all sorts of things. I love beauty but books are a big passion as well. I've recently become a bit of a niche too - I'm a sex blogger on occasion, how classy!

I'm a people watcher, a tattooed/pierced 5ft 6' giggler, a left-handed dyslectic, Tesco fanatic, lover of all things shiny, coffee obsesser, bargain hunter and voucher whore. 
I have glasses but only use them to see numbers on buses. I want to marry whoever started icanhascheezburger.com

Thanks for coming by, go say hey to me on Twitter. I'm flirty and funny with all! 

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