Thursday 27 February 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Pamper Products

Its week four of the best of beauty challenge hosted by the lovely All The Buzz. I'm sure by now you know the story with these posts! If not heres week one to tell you all about this great challenge. This week Sam has picked the topic of pamper products and to be honest I couldn't think of something that was really a proper, full on pamper product. So I had to sit in the bath last night and contemplate it all (any excuse for a bath) and decided I'd just write about what I had in there with me! 

Alberto Balsam is a new brand for me and really just the first conditioner I picked out of the drawer. If I ever go for a bath or pamper night I put as much conditioner in my hair as will stay in it and then go about everything else, knowing my hair is thanking me under all that goo. This one is the coconut scent and its just nom.

 Same goes for a face mask. Nothing screams pamper like a face mask to me and this one in particular. Nimue is an amazing brand and I am in love with their rejuvenating face mask. If doesn't hurt my skin, smells alright and leaves my skin feeling really lovely after. Its a proper treat!

Next its onto the skin. I'm a lazy thing and if I can shave my legs without too much effort, I will! This is why I love the Body Shops shea sugar body scrub. It has just enough scrubby bits that really help exfoliate the skin, making it a little sorter and ready to shave when the time comes. That and it smells like something you'd eat, not rub onto your skin. Promise I've not eaten any yet. Can't say the same for some Lush things...

After a nice bath, shave or even if I'm just feeling extra nice to myself I will pull out some moisturizer and go to town. Mostly my elbows and knees get all the attention which is bold of me, but I feel like sand paper - attractive! I like this Boots own brand one at the moment. Its a massive pot for next to nothing. It doesn't have an overpowering smell and skins into my skin quickly. Perfect!

Lastly how could I not include my favourite bubble bar Dorothy, from Lush. It smells like sweet magic, looks cool in bar form and in the water and best of all it makes a tonne of bubbles that leave your skin soft. I want, no, need them all.

Top that off with a nice Yankee candle (addicted to the bloody things!) a book or magazine and my pamper night it complete! As always, if you fancy reading more bloggers picks then you can follow #BOBBlogChallenge on twitter. 

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Battle Of The Affordable Dry Shampoos

If you've been round these parts a while you'll know I'm a bit mad for my dry shampoo. There is nothing as good a freshen up of the mop of hair if your out of bed late or even if its just to give it a bit of a lift and extra shiny cleaness. But is there a good tried and tested dry shampoo that is affordable yet does an amazing job too? That my friends is where I come in, testing out the good, bad and the plain awful so you don't have to!

I have poker straight hair that needs a wash every day, otherwise you can clearly see the grease in my hair. Sexy right? Ugh!! So if I am really desperate I'll throw in half a bottle of dry shampoo to combat the grease until I can find a shower, sink or deep puddle to dip my head in. I just hate having dirty hair, its the worst feeling! So lets start off with the dry shampoo Spirit of the Carnival from Super Drug. This was actually not too bad if your hair is only a little greasy and your looking for a quick freshen up for £2.19. I also included a small Super Drug hair spray for extra firm hold that goes really well with all of these dry shampoos as its light and doesn't least a layer of hard hair that looks like its covered in hair spray or gel. All for the little price of £0.99? Perfect!

Then we have the worst out of the lot, Girlz Only Hazy Days Dry Shampoo from Pennys. This was under 2 euro but I'm sorry I wasted the money on it! My god, there was nothing I could do but head for the shower after I put this into my hair. It was wet, sticky and left my hair feeling twice as greasy from what I started with. All I can say is thank god I wasn't in a rush out anywhere or I would have been late! Straight in the bin with this horrible bottle after the photos for this were taken!

Lastly the best out of the lot, Batiste. I know that this one is the most expensive out of the lot and most widely available as you can get it in all chemists, Boots and even like likes of Tesco and Dunnes stock this brand. The most expensive being €6.59 for 400ml and the cheapest being about €3.99 for the 200ml. However you can get them in loads of different scents and they cater of all types of hair. I branched out with my last bottle and got a big bottle of Cherry. It wouldn't be my favourite scent but it really works so well and my hair feels the next best thing to being clean from the shower. My favourite ones are the light and blonde or the blush. And the packaging is always a plus too, I love all the different cute and eye catching designs!

So there you go, a few different kinds of dry shampoo to look out for or indeed, avoid! I will be on the hunt to see if there is something better out there and if I do find something, you will be the first to know! As always I hope everyone is having a good week and staying happy :)

Tuesday 25 February 2014

NOTD: New Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour

It feels like I haven't talked about nail varnish in ages and I'm glad that this is the particular one I'm going to be rabbiting on about today. This is one that I picked up in November (I think) when Seventeen was on 3 for 2. I grabbed it when I saw the offer and then it got shoved to the back of the draw like so many of my poor things. I'm such a boldie for doing that, please tell me I'm not I'm my own?!

Anyway, I'm very excited about Seventeens quicker slicker colour. First off, it comes in 25 different shades, I know right? And if thats not enough to make you want to have a glance at them in the shops or online then let me inform you that they are €3.79 each. I know, I'm like chocolate. So bad for you, but so damn good too. (Yes, I really did just compare myself to chocolate. You'd know I'm tired today.)

Have a look below at the bottom picture, I put that up last Monday on twitter when I wasn't sure of the colour - fury. I am still slightly ifie over it, but thats not what I wanted to talk about. Since that tweet, I haven't bothered to take it off. So that over a week of biting nails, putting them in harsh bleach water and the rest. The top four photos underneath are how my nails look today with only one coat on, with and without the flash. They are starting to chip yes, after over a week I'm not at all surprised. But they are only starting to chip. For someone who covered herself in nail varnish all the time, this is a pretty rare thing to find.

I'm so so impressed with this nail varnish, I can't believe that this has lasted so long and with only one coat. When I compare a brand that is more 'high end', expensive and better marketed like Maybelline and their latest nail varnish (review over here) you can't beat something cheap that works 5/6 days longer then what some would consider 'posh' brands. Basically - run out and buy some Seventeen quicker slicker colours asap!

As always hello to everyone and especially you new people out there! Hope everyone is having a good week and  keeping well :) 

Saturday 22 February 2014

The Tag Of All Knowledge

Well, how are you? Your lookin' well! 
I was tagged by the lovely Robyn from Robyn Rants And Raves to do this Tag Of All Knowledge. Its part of my 101 buck list things to do at least 7 tags and this lady got the ball rolling! So without rambling too much here it is! Try not to tut too much at the answers!

1. If you were a rock star, what items would you demand on your rider?
I'd say something really stupid like having sure all my friends could come with me and that my phone was always fully charged. I'd hate not to be able to see my friends and well, if my phone battery is dead, I might as well be. (I'm one of those can't function without my phone people.) That and like loads of different drinks. Coke, orange, really really cold water. I don't ask much, huh?

2. If you could afford any designer piece, be it clothing, shoes or accessories, what would it be and how would you style it? If you can, post a picture.
Hmm, this is a hard one as I don't pay too much attention to designer things cos' I can't afford them! I'd say maybe Dior nail varnish or if I was going mad a Chanel/Lulu Guinness or Michael Kors bag. *drools* 

3. What kind of teenager where you? Goth? Princess? Nerdy?
Goth emo kid. Oh god how I cringe. If my mother had let me dye my hair black life would have been made. Ugh to think of it now! How I tut and shake my head in shame if I walk by central bank on a weekend or mid term break!

4. This one is a bit morbid. If you could have any quote as your epitaph, what would it be and why?
This is a bit of an inside joke with my friends and yes, I'm aware how bad the language is but its going to be on my headstone not bothering anyone.. It would have to be 'Fucking fabulous, cunt on a horse'. That and I want a postbox under the words too. I love getting cards and letters and wish that there was somewhere you could post letters to the ones you love that aren't hear anymore. This is my way of making things easier/more fun!

5. What fictional character would you most like to have dinner with and why?
I'd love to say someone fancy like Shakespeare's finest thought up characters but I'd think it would be more alone the lines of whoever I was reading about at the time. Right now its Anita Blake from the vampire hunter series. (I reviewed the first book here)  

6. Tell me about your first ever make up purchase.
Thats so long ago I can't remember. My god how could anyone! I'd say it was something like a lip gloss that was about a pound in the chemist. Naturally I'd have had no clue what to do with it and could have warn it as eye shadow. I've not improved much over the years!

7. Its the year 2020, where do you hope to be in life?
*pauses to count* I'll be about 29 then, so eh I'd say much like I am now. Cat filled house with no doubt a man or three and plenty of friends either with me or close by. Doing something I doubt I'll like as a job and forever still buying unnecessary make up and books. There might be a few hens thrown in there too unless its the aul city living for me. I hope not, that would mean theres a Lush near by. Oh god. 

8. What is your drink order of choice when you go out?
Bulmers. Hands down. End of.

9. We all have a 'Dirty Sexy Crush', so tell me: Who is yours?
Oh no, the shame here! Ok so I've been slowly making my way through a series on Netflix called The L Word and Katherine Moenning plays this girl called Shane. Sweet H Christ I can't get enough. She amazing in whatever she acts in and just ugh... Meow. 

All thats left to do now is to tag five other bloggers to answer these questions! So I tag

Taylor from Taylorcollection
Saranne from Pale Foundations
Chloe from Nurse Fancy Pants
And the lovely lady from BeautyBaggage

Thursday 20 February 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Make Up Must Haves

Before I even begin, for the past few weeks of doing this blogger challenge I have scoured through what feels like hundreds of posts (Which is about right as I've read other posts on those blogs too. I'm nosy and love a new read!) Each time I see the effort and thought put into each one and I feel so annoyed at my crappy half put together posts and even worse photos. So to all of you out there who are doing this and in general - well done and thank you for taking such pride in your blogs and giving us readers such wonderful things too see and read about. Sappy moment over!

This is the 3rd week of the Best of Beauty Challenge that Sam from All The Buzz  is hosting. Oh my goodness this weeks one was so feckin' hard, make up must haves! I just wanted to throw every piece of make up I owned on the floor and point. Not even write about it all, just point. No explanation needed. Then I realised that that wouldn't be productive at all and I'd need to send out quite a few blogger invites. We wouldn't all fit in my room. Bare with me while I narrow it down as much as I can. It hasn't been easy.

Now theres just no point in me going out of the house if I haven't got that skin under control, those pesky spots and blemishes need to take a hike! Which means I'm running like a hooligan for the concealer. Right now I just can't get enough of Catrice and the All Round Concealer palette. A green for redness, pink for dark circles and three different shades of skin tone concealer makes my heart beat a little faster if I'm being honest. I'd take it to bed with me if I didn't think it would melt. And to top if off nicely, this is the only kind of concealer palette I've used that doesn't irritate my skin. Mammy, hold me!  

And what better way to cover the now multi coloured face then with a bloody good foundation? How did people live with themselves before foundation was made? Ok, slightly over dramatic but you get my point here, I'm that serious about a good one. I've just bought Wet'n'Wild Coverall cream foundation and it was meant to be. It has surprisingly full coverage for such a cheap little tube and I will be buying them all, so no need to look out for them. Sorries xox

I'm not sure if this really counts, but I couldn't put on half the slap I do if I didn't have a brush to help put all that cement in place. I'm only a novice when it comes to brushes, but I have high hopes to one day own some fancy real techniques *swoons*. Until then, I have my amazing Sleek blender brush and my Sarah Ashton eye shadow and powder brushes that are my favourites by far. (I may have just under 20 eye shadow brushes, but we wont go there.) These little beauts are reached for daily and do the job just fine!

I am obsessed with having oily skin and use pressed powder like its going out of fashion. (Soo Fetch, right?) The one I'm using right now is Seventeens Miracle Matte pressed powder. This is my 3rd and I think it works really well. Once I put enough on to cover a fleet of runway models, it doesn't budge for the day and I only have to touch up a little (mostly out of paranoia) It even has a handy mirror and a little applicator if your so inclined. 

Lastly I do not have eyes until the eyeliner goes on. Its just a fact of life that I and many others have come to terms with. (When I say many others I mean screaming 'don't LOOK at me, I haven't got my face on yet!!' Yes, I am one of those needy make up people) Essence has been my friend for many years and this is easily my 25th little €3 tube of liquid black eyeliner. The brush applicator is so easy to use and it takes a swim in the deep end of the pool (speaking from experience, unfortunately) for this to start budging. Perfect.

If your looking for more posts like this, make sure and follow the hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge on twitter! 

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream

If your a girl, like myself, then there are some very important bits of you that I'm sure you like to keep soft and attached. But sometimes my bits get sore and threathen to fall off. Yup, its not a pretty thought or indeed feeling. Thats where boob cream comes in handy, Lovely Jubblies breast cream to be excact. My boobs aren't that big thank god, but man do they get in the way (not near the give you a black eye stage, but close) and they can get sore or even chaff a little if I'm not careful. Its something every girl has to put up with, the aul sore boobs. My skin is particularly sensitive under and around my boobs and a day of wearing a bra can mean skin chaffs, itches and even peels. Normally I use some E45 or another moisturizer but it can take a few days to heal and sort the skin out, that was until I found this beaut.

If you remember my review of the Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion  it smells just like that but this product actually works! Its got tiger lily, almond, ylang ylang, evening primrose and avocado oil to name a few, along with cocoa butter to make your skin smooth and so so soft.  Some people insist that this cream gives your boobs a bit of firming action as it alludes to on the tub and some even use it under their eyes in hopes of a mini face lift of sorts, but I have yet to try that out as I'm a little (lot) skeptical that it could work. 

Now I wont lie, this little 100g pot costs a small bomb at over €20. But I didn't loose all my marbles, it was half price in the Christmas sale. I honestly did a double take when I saw it marked down and had to rob money from a friend and get it. I do genuinely think this cream works better then any other sensitive creams/moisturizers that I have tried for my boobs and occasionally sore or very dry areas on my body (the lament of the dry elbows out Summer 2014!) 

 It smells like I imagine angels would - even Stephen said I smelt nice the first time I used it. For no prompting needed, this is a big deal people! And most importantly, a little goes a long way with overnight results and it sinks into the skin beautifully. I'm happy as a.. a.. horse with a carrot? Or was that rabbit? Whatever, I'm happy!  Would I get it again once its all gone? Doubtful at such a steep price, but you never know, maybe it will be in the Christmas sales next year as I can't see it running out until well after that time.

Thats all from me for now. I'd just like to thank everyone who follows me, as I've hit over 50 followers on BlogLovin' and 30 on GFC. I can't believe people read and follow my silly writings! When I first started this blog I hoped that just some of my friends would maybe stop by once in a while so they could see what I was rambling about but now theres a lot more of you. I can't get my head round it at all. Just, just thanks guys and girls. You always make me so happy knowing your around to talk to. Ok, sappy moment over! Hope everyones having a great week! x 

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Really Good Vibrations

I know, I know, bad punny title but well, its true. A friend of mine was talking to me the other week about the euro shops that are making their way right across Ireland, Dealz. We were laughing about some of the mad things you can buy in there, I mentioned the JLS condoms (a personal fav to giggle at when I'm in) and she told me they were selling vibrators.. Vibrators for €1.49 like everything else in the shop? No way, it has to be some crappy little thing that works for about 5 seconds and has the weakest vibration known to man... 

So naturally me being me, I asked her to get me a present next time she was in the shop and here it is (I have the bestest friend don't I? Embarrassing the life out of themselves for me) The packaging is plain but the information on the side is impressive considering the next to nothing price. Size, how it feels, what type of batteries you will need (1 AA) thats its free of phthalates and other general things everyone should know.  

Its quite big, thats the first thing I noticed about it. And the fact that its in a sealed packet which is well, good hygiene and  means that extra little bit safe. Not the most discreet thing I've ever seen, most I've ever had the pleasure of knowing (see what I did there?!) were able to fit in the palm of my hand and could be stored away without much hassle. But well, it was €1.49 I'm not going to be too fussy. It only comes in pink, a colour which a lot of sex toy producers seem to favour. You turn it on and off by tightening and untightening the bottom part of the vibrator. Its not the most effective way of turning on and off a sex toy - turning it off in a hurry or indeed it not being untightened enough and eh, it turning on at the wrong time. That is why its a damn good idea to nearly take it apart after use! (Just sayin')

Embarrassing issue warnings dealt with, its on to the vibrations themselves! How do I put this? You wouldn't want to have the type of teeth that chip easily. For something dirt cheap got at the pound shop, this thing is really strong. Like it makes my hand tingle and go ever so slightly numb holding it for a minute or so (not just me, passing it round the friends they thought the same thing). I have yet to take it for a test run, but I have no doubt it would result in a happy ending.

Thats all from me for now, I'm sorry for the totally awful puns, but I found it hard to resist myself today. Sometimes I think I'm hilarious and don't listen to the practical side of my brain, however small it is. Keep an eye out for some great bargains in your local Dealz shop, you never know what you might find!

Thursday 13 February 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Hair Heroes

Yet again theres like 15 minutes until 7pm and here I am again frantically typing away at the aul computer. (As you can see by the crappy phone pictures I can't find my camera. Little fecker knows I'm in a hurry!) Some of us (me) just never learn huh? This is week 2 of the lovely Samantha from All The Buzz's bloggers challenge. If you haven't seen week one its here and explains it all! Now lets get crackin' that clock wont stop for me!

I didn't even need to pause to think about this weeks topic of hair heroes, they are so good they Immediately come to mind. I'm a wash and go kind of girl, leaving the mousses, sprays and goop for the pros. Me, I'm a big lover of good smelling shampoo and wonder working conditioner.

Aussie Conditioner:
Yes, I literally mean all Aussie conditioners. Oh mammy that is my idea of pure heaven. I bang on about it a lot over here.  I love their coloured one at the moment, but give me a leave in mask, a quick 3 minute and rinse, even a nice spray in, leave in type. They make your hair feel like silk and the smell. Ugh, the smell! Its all too good to be true, but it honestly is. My hair regularly gets brushed to an inch of its life, split ends everywhere like its the next big fashion statement. It has to deal with a blast of the harsh hair dryer and yet, its soft and not too bad - if I do say so myself. Aussie ore on offer in Boots right now, 3 for €13. Promise me you'll leave me some too?

I'll be shocked if no one has this in their hero lists, its the only thing that can make a bad day a little better. I like batiste the way I like my arms, they do a good job and I couldn't live/do much without them. Need I say more? Oh well, if you insist! They smell gorgeous, make your hair look more socially acceptable (!) come in a variety of scents and for each hair colour. Sigh, its true love.

Hair Ties:
I know it sounds a bit stupid but you can never have enough of a good thing and those hair ties that don't have little pieces of metal holding them together are my go-to kind of things! You can get a big bunch again in Boots for less then €2.40 ish in lots of colours. Lovely!

Really thats it from me, I have yet to find the perfect shampoo, I'm ashamed to say. But really if it looks like it will lather in my hair, I will use it. (dog shampoo included, but that was a once off, didn't read the label kind of experience. I can report that my friends dogs are the most pampered girls out there!) I'm a little in love with my Denman brush, but thats only because I have had the misfortune to use a tangle teaser. Oh well! See you lovely people next week! You can follow the fun on Twitter with the hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Valentines Day Guinness Cup Cakes

Jaysus lads and ladies its getting close to that special day and if your like me, you'll be flapping about like a mad yoke wondering what in the name of god a fella (or indeed a girl) could want for Valentines day. But fear not, because I have the answer and it comes in the shape of a pint of Guinness - when in doubt, reach for the good stuff.

Now I know what your thinking, the womans lost the run of herself, pouring the black stuff into her food! but go with me on this one, its going to taste amazing. Theres a bit of messing about with this recipe that I got from here, but now thats its been tried and tested by yours truly, I can give you the low down on what works and what turns into a fire and is only fit as bin material. Keep in mind you will need a food processor for this and your working with beetroot - that stains hands and clothes, I know all too well.

The cakes:
75g/2 and three fourth oz of cocoa powder
175g/6oz of plain flour
2 tsp of baking powder
225g/8oz of caster sugar
3 eggs
225g/8oz of cooked beetroot (no vinegar)
100lm/3 and a half fl oz of Guinness
100ml/3 and a half fl oz of corn flour (or whatever you have around)

The icing:
200g/7oz of butter (put in the microwave a sec if its too hard)
200g/7oz of full fat (muhaha!) cream cheese
1 small tsp of vanilla essence
142g/5oz of icing sugar

These ingredients make about 16 and a small one.

Don't forget to turn the oven on! 200C/400f/Gas 6

1. Sift (feck it all in) the flour, caster sugar, cocoa powder and baking powder into a bowl. 

2. Cut up the beetroot into smaller pieces and put it all into the blender along with the 3 eggs, oil and the Guinness. Jesus remember to put the lid on people!! 

3. Put the beetroot goo into the bowl with all of 1. and mix together.

4. Get your cup cake trays and cases, fill them half way with the mixture and throw them in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. Once there done leave them to cool.

5. While there a-cookin' make the icing. Put the cream cheese, icing sugar, butter and vanilla essences into a bowl and mix.I haven't yet perfected this bit, I'll be honest. The measurements on the original recipe was pure madness so I just put in 5oz of icing sugar, but I think 6oz wouldn't hurt next time. Have a play round with it yourself if it looks a bit drippy to you. While were on the topic of being honest, I don't know what possessed me but I forgot the oil in the cakes, they still turned out lovely but I'm such a plonker!

Once you have taken the cakes out and let them completely cool, dip, spread or artistically splash the cakes with the icing and taa-dahhh!! Aren't you only great, you've made yourself, errhh your loved one some gorgeous Guinness cup cakes! I was thinking of what I'd write for this post as I was baking this morning, thinking I'd bang on about how nice it is to bake for your loved one but after taking a bite into one of the cakes I am ashamed to say I genuinely thought 'sod them, I'd keep these all for myself. There just too nice. Good thing the ingredients make so many or we'd be in trouble.' - I kid you not. How mean am I? But then again I normally hate my cooking and feck it out, so you can be safe in the knowledge that they are in fact, much nicer then they sound. They taste like a strong cream cheese and chocolate cake with just a hint of something underneath that makes it nom. Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out.

Monday 10 February 2014

Book Review: Guilty Pleasures

Before everyone runs off thinking this is some sort of erotica you can think again. Get all your minds out of the gutter! This is the first book in a series and theres something like 22 so far, so don't say you weren't warned if your thinking about picking it up only to realise theres a billion more - I just hate when that happens to me! A friend (Hello poodle!) gave this to me to read so she could talk about the story with someone. I wasn't really interested in it to be honest as murders and scary things are not my thing at all, but when I read the first page and the first line 'Willie McCoy had been a jerk before he died. His being dead didn't change that.' I was kind of intrigued by the dark humour and only a few pages after I was totally hooked. 

We meet Anita Blake who is a kick ass girl in America. She is both an animator (raises the dead) and working for the FBI on supernatural investigations as she is considered a vampire expert. Vampires are legally citizens so killing them is murder, but not everyone is so easy to catch. Anita is not too fond of vampires, thinking of them as the walking dead - something thats not politically correct. 

We follow Anita through her daily life, which leads her to being the designated driver for her friends bachelortte party that is, oh man, been held in a strip club called guilty pleasures. But this isn't any ordinary strip club, the line up exclusively features vampires and is owned my a very old and strong 'master' vampire, Jean Claude. After things go all wrong that night Anita now has no choice but to save her friends life by helping solve all the sudden murders of vampires that have been going on.  She is kidnapped, terrorized and beaten until she is thrown to the feet of the master vampire, Nikolaos. This is one scary master and despite her promising to keep both Anita and her friend alive until the murders are solved, she has to battle for her life on a regular bases. Can she solve these murders before she and friends are killed? 

This was just such a great book, I really loved the character of Anita and how she was portrayed as strong and capable even when faced with the super human strengths and dangers of vampires. I also liked how she was a female with no real continuous male support, as its so hard to find a story that doesn't involve the female character falling at some guys feet one way or another. ( - this could be slightly debated and I'm open to it! but for me she was a one woman show) I also liked that this was a book with vampires that had no sex in it, wow! Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of sexual tension but no one actually ever got it on. Go team for not doing the stereotypical assumed dirty, especially with a title like guilty pleasures. 

I did the bold thing and googled the series and found out some spoilers but of course I wont give anything away, only that in later books some say that it starts to go downhill and the sex scenes take over (it was too good to believe that a strong independent female could just be that without loads of sex thrown in the mix) and if your not into that sort of thing book 10 is the last one you should read up to.  If you fancy checking the first book out you might be able to read it for free by finding a PDF. But shh, I haven't told you that.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Make Up Face With Wet'n'Wild

Above is how I generally look when it comes to talking about make up or indeed putting it on. Looking confused, slightly frazzled and scratching my head. I'm no expert in the field and can regularly be seen sporting lipstick down to my boobs, big bushy eyebrows and eyeliner across my cheeks. What can I say, I like to do my make up in a darkened room and hoping for the best outcome. But today I thought I'd give all you internets people some lolz while I show you what I have on my face, Including Wet'n'Wild which is brand new to Ireland, so we need not be so jealous of American people and their wonderful cheap make up any longer!

Whats on my face:

Benefit POREefssional 
Wet'n'Wild cover all concealer palette
 Catrice camouflage concealer 
Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder 
Benefit eye shadow 
Wet'n'Wild eyeliner in black
Essence liquid ink in black
Wet'n'Wild mega protein mascara in black
My Sleek and w7 makeup brushes

I really liked the Wet'n'Wild mascara for a subtle day time look, but the only down side is that it takes ages to dry. I was flapping my eyelids about like a crazy person trying to get it to dry! The eyeliner is massive and will last ages but pulled a little when drawing it on. Lastly the concealer is great and it has a highlighter in there too which is handy but a bit too sparkly for my liking. If I was going for a concealer palette like this I would use Catrice's one that I have reviewed over here. Much better constancy, colours and it doesn't hurt my skin.

I got the four Benefit eye shadows in Groovy Kind-a Love set for Christmas but depotted them and didn't take photos of the set before hand like the dope that I am! On the outter corner of my eye I have tickle my ivory, then guilt-y pleasure and in my crease I have both shimmer down and kiss me, I'm tispy. You can see the full set below; image from

Naturally with big dark red lips I couldn't help but pull a Miranda Sings face, she is so funny and I love watching her youtube videos. You can check her out here, and I also love her instagram profile too! Thats all from me now, I hope my face hasn't scared you all too much! As always, have a great day x

Saturday 8 February 2014

The Different Types Of Dates

In keeping with the season of love that it is and trying to undertake the task of starting to tick off my bucket list that I posted last month (no 24), I want to talk about the different types of dates I have had and perhaps some of you have had. I was going to title this the different types of men, but as a bisexual woman myself (-hey mom if your reading) I thought thats being a tiny bit narrow minded and cutting off some readers, or indeed possibly half the general population. 

Lets keep in mind that its no secret I'm a bit of a flirt - if you follow me on Twitter you will see my shameless carrying on's. And I'm also a man/women obsessed kind of gal, I love seeing someone(s) at all times. Having a silent phone is not my cup of tea. And believe me, I have quite a few dirty tea cups to show for it.

The we should meet
You have talked for hours every night for 2 weeks. You get on like a house on fire and man some of the stuff you've discussed makes you want to meet them even more, meow! You arrange to meet, they cancel. You try again only shit, something came up and your the one saying sorry this time. Theres family commitments, babies, exes, the car wont start. Every god damn thing that could go wrong with you does. Creeping doubt begins to sneak in, they were never going to meet me were they? And that exculates into one giant snowball. A month later your not even sure you still have their number. Oh well, all that time and effort.

The commitment 
Its been a few weeks, things are going good and then bam! Parents and meeting all the friends - at once? What are they going to suggest next, moving in together? Oh great, they bring up casually how many kids you'd be willing to have and where you see yourself settling down.. Get me out of here.

The total crazy
You meet in a bar, swap numbers and brief texting turns into a date. But wait, hes brought a teddy bear bigger then you and counts the minutes your gone to the bathroom for. How did you not see the crazy raidating from this person? 3am calls and coming by your house to recite sonnets is only the beginning of the documentation for the restraining order you'll have to place.

The I'm gay
That person who clings to their sexuality like their Rose in bloody Titanic, with the same amount of drama to go with it. What you like and do under the sheets is no business of mine, but ehh I happen to be under those sheets with you right now so.. I'll just show myself out, congrats on the Oscar.

The I'm in love with my ex
Its cool, I've been there, seeing anyone and everyone to get over an ex while still doing your daily Facebook stalk of their relationship status. But do they have to keep talking about them? The last straw is calling out their name in bed. Nope sorry, I wont cut my hair and pick up knitting like they do, I'm an individual person with a door. Use it.

The sex sex sex
Its always sex, which isn't a bad thing let me just say. But when you never do anything else, or see daylight for that matter, its no good. You can't walk round like a cowboy all the time, that is when your not in your other position - face down. This person keeps durex in business.

The I think I love you
You got talking online one night, by the end of it you think they could be perfect and you meet. By the end of the night they are confessing their undying love for you and you eh, suddenly have food poisoning. But totally promise to call, not that you'll need to though judging by the 7 missed calls and 12 texts you got last night. Little creepy? I think so.

The older person
Infatuated with younger people and can't believe their luck when a 20 something falls into their lap. Normally you mistake perving for them finding you attractive, but what the hell. But then the parading you around starts and all they can talk about is back pains and false teeth ( - now that last part is a slight gross exaggeration, but you get my point) its time to take off their borrowed slippers, don some heels and clickity clack your way out of their nursing home to your next date.

I could go on for days. The mammies boy/daddies girl, The wild child, The substance abuser, The cheater... Wow you ask, are there any good people out there!? Yes, yes there are indeed. You just need to go find them. If your in a relationship right now, go you! Happy season of love. And if your single? Well go you too! You can see who you want or maybe not at all and avoid the list of madness that is dating.

I have a feeling this could cook up a storm but just to let you all know, this isn't a serious jab at any gender/sexual oratation/age group and so on. Theses have just been my own experiences that are fun to share - who doesn't like to make others blush or get a raised eyebrow or two? This is so not my normal type of posting but I want to talk more about the taboo stuff, the stuff that you delete from your internet history or only read on your kindle. Why not on a beauty blog? I wont tell if you wont!

Thursday 6 February 2014

The Best Of Beauty Challenge: Skin Care Saviours

A few weeks ago Samantha from All The Buzz put out some feelers on the twitters to see if any bloggers would like to take part in a beauty challenge, the best of beauty. Each week she would email us all a theme and we would write about our bestest, most loved and banged on about products. And maybe even a few hidden jems. Naturally there was great feedback and a list as long as your arm of bloggers who are taking part, I'm so excited to be one! So every Thursday at 7pm for the next 8 weeks expect one of these best of beauty challenge posts! 

So what are my beauty skin care saviours I hear you ask? Nothing too fancy at all I am sorry to say. But if something is easy to get and cheap it doesn't always mean its not amazing, as I'm sure every knows. I have five to start with, my deserted island grabs before I leave in the boat.Yes, I did spend too much time with my imagination on this, what can I say?

Bepantiseptic (formally known as Gernolene)
My face is a surface for a childs join-the-dots game, full of spots, blemishes and painful things that aren't welcome. To combat these I use this antiseptic cream. Its the only thing I have ever found to genuinely work over night and be able to get some relief from painful swelling on spots, without a bad reaction from the cream. Now were not talking spots one night and magically immaculate face in the morning, those sort of things only happen in fairy tales or anti aging cream tv adverts if the company thinks its been sneaky. But for less then €4 from any chemist, this has helped me for years. 

E45 Moisturising Lotion
When I think of 'skin care' I always think of my face, but what about all that other skin covering me? E45 works for all sorts. Dry skin, to ease slight burning or itching, as a general moisturiser or for sensitive skin. I have got all of the above at some point or other and this cream was just what I needed. For about €5 you wont break the bank and your skin will be saying thank you. 

L'occitane Hand Cream
I've never had anything from this brand before as its expensive and 'fancy' to me. But I got this dry skin hand cream free in a magazine late last year and it is the best hand cream I have ever used. I would be willing to fork out for another tube when this one is empty. Not only do I use it on my hands - they are uber dry, crack and have a touch of eczema on them - on my elbows and sometimes if I'm really bothered, on my knees. A little goes a long way, its a beauty.

L'oreal Micellar Solution
I bang on about this to fmaily, friends, people in the street. Oh mammy this is the best makeup remover I have ever come across. It gets rid of everything, including caked on mascara. It might just be that I'm lazy and have found a product that does 3 things in 1 bottle, but its true love. I've a full review of it here.

The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter
Ugh I like this oh so much! There is nothing I crave more then this when my lips are sore, cracked and feeling crappy. I got this as part of a set and know when its all gone I will be picking another up, maybe even a back up for that one too! It's €7.95 a pop which I would normally think is day light robbery for a tiny jar, but now that I have used and seen the full soothing and smoothing effects, I would almost pay double - almost. My lips love it and I love my lips, as you do!

So that is my the best of beauty challenge done for this week, I can't wait to go and read everyone elses to maybe find something new to try out! Make sure and read this post by Sam to see who else is taking part in this challenge. You might find a new blog to read and love! You can follow the fun on twitter with the hashtag #BOBBlogChallengeAs always, hope everyone is having a great week, its nearly the weekend!!
P.S. Sorry for the dreadful photos I am the biggest boldie this week and writing this post with 10 minutes to spare before 7pm. I'll do better next week I promise!

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Big Boots Haul

You would think I spend my youth in Boots and I would like to say your right but sadly its not true at all. Le sigh, oh well! I went this time on a mission to get something to help with my hair as its recently gone like straw and also I wanted to find a few new things to help with my spots and breakouts. That and I needed one or two repurchase of some much loved make up. Whats a girl to do but go shopping!

Ugh I can't say one bad thing about Aussie if you paid me. And at 3 for €13 how could I say no? Almost out of shampoo, another bottle of conditioner to try help my poor hair and if that doesn't work then some extra love with my spray leave in conditioner might just do the trick! And all aimed at coloured hair to top it off, lovely stuff!

I went looking for a Garnier face wash for blemishes and spots after being recommended it on Twitter and reading about it on a blog post but do you think I could find it! So I settled on Neutongena that had an offer of any two for €7, now you couldn't go wrong there! I got a 3 in 1 cleansing lotion to help with spots and a spot treatment gel. I can't wait to see if they work or not, blog post up at some point.

Next I got the essentials of Veet hair removal cream, Nivea deodorant and some Boots own brand razors. Not the most exciting things in the world but we all need them!

I had a No7 voucher for €6.50 and I have had my eye on their rapid spot reduce treatment for ages so I couldn't pass up the offer! Only left me paying €6.45 which was brilliant. I can't wait to break this out and bathe in the stuff to see if it works at all! I'll report back once I have had a good test run of it.

I also was cheeky and got Vaseline spray and go body moisturiser that was reduced from €6.15 down to €4.15. Again, I have read reviews on it and wanted to try it for myself for ages now so this was perfect. 

Lastly I got a natural collection black eyeliner and seventeen pressed powder that I had run out of and really needed as I like my pale panda look. As you do like! 

Thats all from me for now. Any sneaky purchases that you have made in recent times or something that you have had your eye on for ages and want to get soon? As always keep happy and have a fab day!

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Lush Valentines Love Locket Bath Bomb

I'm having a bit of bother writing my last juice detox post so bare with me pretty please! Today instead I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite place, Lush! Before anyone goes and points fingers, I got this before I decided to start my Lush ban and anyway, I don't think limited edition items should be counted as you can't get them any time you want. I was really excited to hear that Lush had their Valentines day range out and went in the next day to have a goo of everything. I was expecting to be forking out a fair bit as normally their Valentines things are really to die for, but I was wrong.

Thinking I would want some of their prince charming shower gel I had a sniff and came away disappointed, it was nothing to write home about, the same with their neon love soap. Even one of the staff admitted that he thought the soap was awful. I did like close to you (a sweet scent) and tender is the night (a faint floral scent) massage bars but they were a little more pricey then the normal massage bars so I resisted. They have three limited edition boxes out too which seem to be nice enough if you like the products in them - they don't actually have a lot of the Valentines products in them!

Apart from the kiss lip balm which I didn't try, only the love locket was left to tempt me. And I'm sorry to say I fell for it, it was massive and smelt like a refresher sweet. Remember them!? The guy in Lush told me there was three layers to this, but I'm not sure if I missed one or if he was having a bad day because when it broke open there was only two, an outer shell and a heart inside.

At almost €9 (see why I needed the ban?) this is the most expensive bath bomb I have ever gotten and I had to have a little sit down after I bought it to consider just how crazy I am. But off I went home happy as anything, that is, until I went to take a bath and all hell broke loose. 

Above you have seen my lovely big bath bomb in bits all over the kitchen table. Its true, when I picked it up to take it into the water it shattered all over my book, clothes and granny's fancy table cloth. It left me almost in tears! Needless to say its not the most sturdy bath bomb I have ever come across and at the price I paid I expected more. The disappointment continued into the bath..

Now its true to say not all Lush bath bombs will have bubbles in them, but my little heart always drops to my stomach a bit when I see that this is the case. I'm so sad but bubbles make my world! And yes, I know I should just stick to bubble bars if its that big a deal but variety is the spice of life I'll have you know. The water turned a pinkish red colour and when I got into it I got the fright of my life. Intelligence here didn't notice all the little heart confetti that was floating about. For a second I didn't know what it was and was half out of the bath before I copped. Let us all pause momentarily to shake our heads over the blonde moment. Its a nice added touch but warn a girl will you Lush!

Overall I was really disappointed with this bath bomb and with Lushes Valentines range this year. Could just be me being all fussy or not liking some of the scents that others could love, but I'm glad I only forked out a near €10 and not more. Sorry Lush but back to the drawing board. Two years ago was probably the best year for Valentines things as it was the year of the sweet smelling red topped mushroom bubble bar. Proves the saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. 

Hope everyone is having a fab day and keeping happy! :)

Monday 3 February 2014

Juice Detox Day 2

I'm back again with day two of my juice detox, in case you've just popped by go and check out day 1 here. I woke up totally starving and couldn't wait to dig into my first juice and a nice non-toast breakfast! Today there are 5 juices to get threw, but we'll get there in the end! I know I felt like I was drinking all day or forever at my juicer but all in the name of being a guinea pig!
Breakfast Day 2 Paradiso
1 lime: I left the skin on and cut off the top and bottom
1 mango: This fella is hard to cut round as there is a big stone! I left the skin on 
A small piece of ginger: Cut the skin off
A piece of pineapple and 5oz of low fat yoghurt is suggested but I didn't have those so I used 2 apples and a handful of spinach instead. 

This contains vitamins A,C,B, iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

This is like a wake up call in a glass! This would be brilliant for anyone who might have had one too many the night before. The lime helps you wake up and if you can get over the slightly bitter flavour its a keeper. It also had a nice sweet side taste with the mango and many apples that I threw in too. Lovely start to the day!

Mid-morning Bunnies Bonanza

3 carrots: Tops cut off and the rest chopped up
2 cabbage leaves: Chopped up
1 celery stick: I kept on the leaves and cut it up
It suggests a handful of coriander and parsley but I used a handful of spinach instead

This contains vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and sulphur.

Nothing much to say on this one. It didn't seem to make as much as some of the juices. The main taste was the carrot and the celery stick, but then if it has celery in it you will always be able to taste and smell it.

Lunch Day 2 Life-Long Lemonade

3 carrots: Tops cut off and the rest chopped up
3 radishes: Nothing done to them
2 apples: I left the skin on but uncored and cut it up
1 lemon: I cut off both ends and chopped it up
1 beetroot: I cheated again with a jar of them!
It also suggests 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut but I didn't use any

This contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, folic acid and potassium.

Maybe it was the radishes but this didn't smell great to me at all. The lemon covered the smell a bit and the taste was fine. Lemon dominated the taste with a hint of the apples. Not amazing but nothing awful to complain about either!

lemon express
 Mid Afternoon
3 apples: I left the skin on but uncored and cut them up
1 lemon: I cut off both ends and chopped it up
4oz of grapes: Nothing done to them

This contains vitamin c, soluble fiber, potassium, natural sugars and bioflavonoids.

I just have one thing to say about this: lemon. This would be great to start off the day with as well as it gives you a bit of a perk up/wakes you up. Think I didn't use enough grapes either, silly me!

Sunday 2 February 2014

Juice Detox Day 1

I took to Facebook and Twitter to see if anyone thought it would be a good idea to do a type of juice detox, the response was very positive and so I took myself off to Tesco to stock up on lots of fruit and veg! I did way better in Lidi though, their fruit is so cheap! Also they had juicers on sale this week, you might be able to nab one still. I decided to do this as I have seen a lot of people talking about different types of diets, work outs and other healthy doings, but I'm not one for that sort of thing as some of them are fad diets and have scary results. (I'll get you head to google for your own research) But I thought why not, I might eat less chocolate and a bit more fruit, just for a bit. I took this on in the name of a healthier lifestyle and be a guinea pig for your benefit (!) as opposed to dieting or trying to loose weight so I haven't kept an eye on my weight since starting this.

I took all my recipes from the book Michael Van Straten Super Juice. In no way am I a nutritionist or someone to look to for advice on healthy living, this was just my own personal doings and thoughts on this juice detox. Some of the juices are my own and I will say if they are! For the next 3 days, this is what I'm having! The book suggests no caffeine and only light salads and fruit as meals in between. I tried sticking to this near-no-eating lark for all of three minutes. I'm cutting down on the chocolate and bread but thats it!

Breakfast Day 1 Pro-bonus 1

3 apples: I didn't peel mine but uncored and cut it up
2 celery sticks: I left the leaves on but cut it up
1 beetroot: I forgot to get some in the shops so cheated a bit and used ones from a jar
Half a small cabbage: I chopped mine up and took the outter leaves off

This contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, iron, folic acid, potassium and phosphorus. 

I fecked this up a bit and thought blending all this together would work, but I was very wrong. Round two with the juicer and it worked out better. I'm not going to lie, this was one of the worst tasting juices of the entire 3 days. I think it might have been the cabbage, but ugh. Drink it quick and get it over with! Also careful not to stain any hands or clothing with the beetroot like I might have.. 

Lunch Day 1 Pro-bonus 2
4 carrots: Chop off the top and cut into pieces
2 apples: I didn't peel mine but decored and cut them up
2 small broccoli heads: Cut into 4 
1 red pepper: Cut up and the center removed
There was a suggestion of 3 chard leaves and a handful of watercress but I didn't put any in my drink.

This contains vitamins A,C,E,B6,K, folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

After the breakfast drink this tasted like heaven! It actually was really nice and the 3 apples made it lovely and sweet too. Lots of carrots to make you see in the dark like rabbits as my granny always says! I had a piece of chicken pie that was homemade so no bad things there!

Dinner Day 1 Peak Performer
12/14 grapes: Nothing needed done 
4 pears: I didn't peel mine but cut off the top and bottom then into pieces
2 apples: I didn't peel mine but decored and cut them up
It suggests you use 2 pieces of pineapple but intelligent here forgot one so I used a handful of spinach leaves and 2 celery sticks as I was really hungry.

This contains vitamins B,C, potassium, pectin, calcium.

Looks unappealing but give it a mix up and you can really taste the sweet grapes, pears and apples. There is also a strong taste of the celery but on the plus side celery has feck all calories in it! I may have almost cried when Stephen sat down at the table across from me with an absolutely massive pizza, the little fecker. I had 3 small/average size slices and some rice crackers. 

So that was day one! I will admit I was a little scared and joked with friends that I would be in the bathroom for three days straight on this juice detox but it wasn't anything like that just in case anyone is a bit afraid of the outcome! Its all good people! I'll tell you all about day 2 tomorrow, I bet you just can't wait ;)